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Man fights for operation to help him lose weight

A man in Herne Bay is fighting to have an operation he says will change his life. Ian Sandford began to put on weight after an operation to have a rare tumour removed - he went from around 16 stone to 30 stone. Now he wants his local NHS to pay for a procedure to help him trim down, but officials say there's no need for it - Mr Sandford says they have never even seen him. Tony Green has our report.


Praise for airshow pilot who ditches in sea near Herne Bay

There's been high praise today for the skills of pilot Colin Randall who ditched his plane into the sea at the Herne Bay Airshow - avoiding both spectators and swimmers.

Praise too for the spectators who waded in, to help the 71-year-old pilot - who was face-down in the water.

It follows a tightening of flying display regulations after the Shoreham Airshow crash that killed 11 people nearly a year ago.

You can watch a full report by Abigail Bracken by clicking on the link below.

Interviewees are rescuer Davina Cox; eyewitness Nigel Hancock; and Herne Bay Airshow organiser Liz Crudgington.

Pictures and video are courtesy of Emma Bedding, Bruno Tilley and Nigel Hancock.

Video: Two bears bonding at wildlife park

Two bears rescued by the Wildwood Trust in Herne Bay have successfully bonded following months of hard work.

Until they came to Kent the two bears had spent all of their sixteen years alone in a concrete cell.

After a gradual introduction, the trust says they've become the best of friends.


School praised for improving performance

Children at Herne Bay Juniors enjoying the library's new books Credit: ITV Meridian

A school that was told it needed to improve by Ofsted just over a year ago has now been praised by inspectors for its work to improve performance.

Herne Bay Juniors is among 103 primary schools in Kent and Medway that are rated as needing improvement. But in East Sussex, which has less than one third of the number of Kent's schools, there are just 6 requiring improvement. And in Brighton and Hove, there's one.

Abigail Bracken's been to Herne Bay to see how one school is managing to turn itself around...

Petition on Herne Bay regeneration to close

A petition calling for the Government to pledge money for the regeneration of Herne Bay pier closes today. So far more than one thousand five hundred people have signed the petition.

Herne Bay Pier dates back almost two hundred years Credit: ITV Meridian

Plans for what the pier could look like have been drawn up by an architect. The pier dates back almost two hundred years and was the second longest in the country.

Burglar jailed after punching woman's face

Russell Dunn Credit: Kent Police

A man who forced his way into a woman’s home, punched her in the face and stole her phone has been jailed for more than five years.

Russell Dunn, 30, previously from Seasalter in Whitstable was jailed at Canterbury Crown Court on Thursday after pleading guilty to committing burglary, while intending to cause grievous bodily harm.

Dunn knew his victim and had started sending her threatening and abusive text messages.

Then on the evening on 2 October 2013, Dunn turned up at her home in Herne Bay banging aggressively at the front door.

He then kicked through a double glazed window, climbed into the house and walked towards the victim where he punched her twice on the cheek causing her to fall to the floor.

While on the floor he kicked her in the jaw and stomach before stamping on her hand when she tried to reach the phone. He then left the house, taking her mobile phone with her.

The victim was treated in hospital for her injuries.

Dunn was arrested by Kent Police at his home address a short time later.

He pleaded guilty to committing burglary while intending to cause grievous bodily harm and was jailed for five years and four months.

Investigating officer Kent Police Sergeant Kenneth Veck said: ‘I would like to acknowledge the victim’s neighbours and her family as being instrumental in the investigation and supporting her on the night.

‘Her bravery must be highlighted, in her actions during the assault to protect her children upstairs while relaying information to the call taker, as well as her support of a police prosecution while recovering from the ferocious attack.’

Children among group rescued from mud

A group of people had to be winched off their speed boat after it ran aground in Herne Bay harbour.

Two children were with two men and a women who had to be rescued after their boat got stuck in the mud by the Neptune’s arm.

One of the group being rescued Credit: Michael McLaughlin

Coastguards were on the scene within minutes of the alarm being raised, but the RAF rescue helicopter was called to minimise delays.

A man being winched to safety Credit: Michael McLaughlin
A child is pulled to safety Credit: Michael McLaughlin
The group were airlifted out of the mud Credit: Michael McLaughlin
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