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Investigation begins into cause of prison riot

It had been branded as 'dangerous' with 'high levels of violence'. So how were 60 prisoners able to cause a major disturbance at one of Kent's biggest jails overnight?

Swaleside is one of three prisons on the Isle of Sheppey - known as the Sheppey Cluster. Alongside Stanford Hill, and Elmley, it houses almost 3,000 inmates.

It was condemned in a report last summer as an institution where more than two thirds of prisoners felt unsafe, and having "worrying" levels of violence.

Last night, specialist riot prison officers had to be called in, when inmates took control of a wing for several hours. Fires were lit and troubled flared.

It was only in the early hours of this morning, that order was restored.

Prisoners concerned about their safety may have sparked riot at 'troubled prison'

A prison blogger says that prisoners concerned about their own safety may have sparked a riot at 'troubled' Swaleside prison to highlight their fears.

Alex Cavendish spoke to ITV News Meridian by phone earlier. Listen to his full interview below: