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Portsmouth-based HMS Daring set sail to join fight against terrorism

The crew of HMS Daring set sail for the Middle East today to help in the fight against terrorism. Crowds gathered in Portsmouth to wave goodbye, as the crew will be away from loved ones for nine months.

On a previous mission to the Gulf the destroyer suffered a mechanical fault and had to have emergency repairs to her engine. Today her captain said he was confident she'd be able to operate without any problems. Richard Jones reports.

HMS Daring returns to Portsmouth after 9 months

They've spent nine months at sea, spending Christmas away from their loved ones, but today the crew of HMS Daring were finally reunited with their families as they returned to Portsmouth.

The 220 sailors were on exercise in the South China Sea when the ship was diverted to the Philippines in November following the Typhoon. Richard Jones reports.


HMS Daring returns home to Portsmouth

HMS Daring is to return home to Portmsouth today, having sailed forty-four thousand miles during her nine month deployment. The ship was diverted to help out in the aftermath of the devastating typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines back in November.

HMS Daring returning home to Portsmouth Credit: ITV Meridian

Her Commanding Officer, Commander Angus Essenhigh said: "The ship's company has achieved a huge amount in the nine months we've been away and they are rightly proud of their achievements.

We have worked closely with many navies in support of shared global challenges, but perhaps our most significant contribution was in the delivery of relief to the people of the Philippines following the devastation of Typhoon Haiyan.

Right now we are all looking forward to being reunited with our loved ones and enjoying a well-earned rest."

HMS Daring crew send loved ones Valentines message

200 men and women on board HMS Daring send their loved ones back home a Valentines Day message Credit: Royal Navy

Crew on board Portsmouth based HMS Daring have shown their loved ones just how much they're missed by spelling out a heartfelt message on the flight deck of the ship.

The Type 45 destroyer is on its way home after 9 months away, with the 200 men and women on board helping out in the Philippines.

Birds eye view of the message on the back of HMS Daring Credit: Royal Navy


Portsmouth's Daring to provide aid

Aid agencies have launched a joint emergency appeal to get food, water and shelter to victims of the devastating Philippines typhoon. The Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC), said its members were already responding but the scale of the destruction meant there was "huge unmet need".

The British Government is also sending support in the form of destroyer HMS Daring. HMS Daring and her crew will provide humanitarian assistance, helicopter lift from one on-board Lynx and engineering and first-aid expertise. She also carries equipment to make drinking water from seawater.

DEC said a "huge injection" of funds is needed to get aid through to victims after the typhoon made roads impassable and put airports out of action. About 10,000 people are thought to have been killed after the typhoon, said to be the strongest ever to make landfall, hit the Asian nation.

Australian Navy birthday 'once in a life time' experience

HMS Daring with the Syndey Harbour Bridge in the background Credit: Royal Navy

Sailors representing the UK on board HMS Daring to celebrate the Royal Australian Navy's 100th birthday have described the experience as a 'once in a life time experience'.

The Portsmouth based, Type 45 destroyer has been open to the public for the past 2 days.

The Portsmouth based ship passes the Sydney Opera House Credit: Royal Navy

No other ship has travelled so far to celebrate the event, with HMS Daring clocking up 17,000 miles to get to Sydney.

Celebrations in the harbour concluded with a stunning fireworks display.

Fireworks in the harbour Credit: Royal Navy

Ships from the South represent UK in Oz

A tall ship and a war ship have been down under helping the Australians celebrate a special anniversary. The Portsmouth based destroyer HMS Daring and the Sail Training Ship Lord Nelson, from Southampton, have been representing the UK at an international fleet review in Sydney Harbour.

Prince Harry also flew in for the event which marked 100 years since the first arrival of the Royal Australian Navy. Richard Jones reports.

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