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Football & horse racing - Mick Channon's son pens a book about his dad's sporting adventures

The former England international footballer Mick Channon is one of a rare breed, having reached the top in two sports.

He is remembered fondly as a player at both Southampton and Portsmouth football clubs, before he switched to horse racing.

However in a new book he's described as grumpy, foul-mouthed and short-tempered. The author of the book should know - it's his own son.

Mike Hall has been to West Ilsley to speak to the Channons.

Horse trainers and owners urged to take care of jockeys

Earlier this year, doctors urged schools to ban tackling in rugby - concerned that concussions can cause life long consequences for children.

The dangers of concussion caused by a blow to the head have been well recognised in recent years. Now the impact in the sport of horse racing has been re-examined.

New rules have been announced to help ensure jockeys are looked after at race meetings. And the British Horseracing Authority is urging trainers and owners to have a better understanding of the condition. Penny Silvester reports from Lambourn, the Valley of the Racehorse.

Pictures from Racing UK.

Ready for the races at Christmas

The Christmas holidays may mean feet up, telly on and a break from work for many of us.

But at stables across the region, the alarm will still ring before daybreak on Christmas morning.

This is one of the busiest times of the year in horse racing as Chris Maughan now explains.

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