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Chronic brick shortage threatens housebuilding across the south

With high house prices in South, many people can't afford to move - so they look at extending their homes - as a way of making more space. But they're coming up against a brick wall.

Yes, a chronic shortage of bricks means your builder could be waiting for up to a year, before receiving the right ones for the job. In an exclusive report, Cary Johnston has been to meet ... Bob the builder.


Housing shortage: calls for release of green-field land

A report by planning consultants is warning of a shortage of 20,000 homes in the South East in the next five years.

Comparing land freed by councils with predicted demand, it estimates a shortfall of 8,000 homes in Kent, just 260 in East Sussex but 12,500 in West Sussex.

John Ryall spoke to Ryan Johnson of Turley Associates and Richard Knox-Johnston, chairman of CPRE Protect Kent.