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Police shocked by sub crew's drinking

Police investigating a shooting onboard a nuclear submarine docked at Southampton were so alarmed by the crew's binge drinking that the chief constable was told and he contacted military authorities, an inquest heard today.

Detective Superintendent Tony Harris interviewed the crew aboard HMS Astute following the shooting of Lieutenant Commander Ian Molyneux by Able Seaman Ryan Donovan, who was 76% above the drink-drive limit.

The hearing in Southampton was told the officer was "highly alarmed" by the crew's alcohol consumption and he wrote to Hampshire chief constable Alex Marshall with his concerns.


Nuclear sub shooting 'caused by grudge'

Two Royal Navy officers have been speaking of the moment they were shot at by a gunman - who'd gone on a shooting spree onboard a nuclear submarine.

Lieutenant Commander Ian Molyneux died after being shot in the head onboard HMS Astute, as it berthed in Southampton.

At his inquest today, it was revealed that Able Seaman Ryan Donovan shot at two of his superiors first - who he may have had a grudge against. Andrew Pate reports.

Nuclear sub killer 'had potential to do well'

HMS Astute docked in Southampton Credit: ITV Meridian

A Royal Navy chief petty officer has told an inquest how he jumped to safety between decks as a gunman came towards him "squeezing the trigger" on a rampage on board a nuclear-powered submarine docked in Southampton.

Lieutenant Commander Ian Molyneux was killed by Able Seaman Ryan Donovan on board HMS Astute on April 8, 2011.

The 23-year-old was jailed for life with a minimum tariff of 25 years after pleading guilty at Winchester Crown Court to the murder of Lt Cdr Molyneux.

The navigator yeoman also pleaded guilty to attempting to murder Lieutenant Commander Christopher Hodge, 45, who he shot in the stomach.

The court heard that his real targets were Petty Officer Christopher Brown, 36, and Chief Petty Officer David McCoy, 37.

CPO McCoy told the inquest at Southampton that he believed he had a good working relationship with Donovan but following a recent disciplinary action over a cleaning task, this relationship changed.

Donovan was facing disciplinary procedures for disobeying orders and a transfer for an operational tour on RFA Cardigan Bay was cancelled, the inquest heard.

CPO McCoy said: "In his eyes, when he saw me and Brown we were the bad guys, the ones who stopped him going on his operational tour."

CPO McCoy, who previously gave Donovan a positive career progression report, said: "He had the potential to do well."

  1. Kerry Swain

HMS Astute - submarine inquest continues

The sound of a fatal shooting on a Royal Navy submarine was played to a court room in Southampton today. Microphones on the vessel captured the moment a sailor shot and killed an officer.

The inquest into the death of Lieutenant Commander Ian Molyneux also heard from the brave city councillor who helped wrestle the gunman to the ground. Royston Smith received the George Medal for his bravery. Kerry Swain was in court.


Wife to accept submarine officer's reward

Gillian Molyneux, the wife of Lieutenant Commander Ian Molyneux pictured his funeral. Credit: PA

A Royal Navy officer who was killed on board a submarine in Southampton is to be awarded the second highest medal for bravery posthumously today.

Lieutenant Commander Ian Molyneux was shot while trying to disarm a fellow crew member on board HMS Astute in April last year. His wife Gillian will accept the George Medal on his behalf.