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  1. John Ryall

Couple targeted by identity thieves tell shocking tale

A couple from Kent have told of their horror at discovering that their identities had been stolen by fraudsters who used the details to arrange loans in their name - with huge repayment costs.

Alan and Mandy Reed from Sittingbourne only found out about the con when money started disappearing from their bank account. Their case is the latest in a line of payday loan scandals uncovered by ITV Meridian.

  1. Andrew Pate

Identity thieves took out online loans in innocent victims' names

A firm that offers online loans is facing some difficult questions for taking from people's bank accounts without their permission.

The company Wonga dot com has not done anything wrong itself, but it has been caught up in internet fraud involving large amounts of money - carried out by identity thieves who steal people's details and use the information to apply for loans.

Wonga dot com said it is committed to cracking down on cyber-crime, but the question is, should it be doing more. Andrew Pate's report is followed by advice to help people protect their identities.

The interviewees are: Leigh Newman, an internet fraud victim; Terri Newman, Leigh's mother; and Simon Oliver, an internet fraud victim.

If you have been affected by identity theft click here for advice from the charity Crimestoppers.