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Former policeman admits to stabbing wife

A former policeman admitted today that he did stab his wife to death at her town centre hairdresser's salon. Ivan Esack pleaded guilty to manslaughter. But he said he didn't murder her because of his diminished responsibility.

A forensic psychiatrist told Maidstone Crown Court that he was suffering from personality disorders that could provide an explanation for the killing. And his lawyer said someone with his medical condition cannot be convicted of murder. Derek Johnson reports.


Husband admits manslaughter

Our correspondent Derek Johnson is at Maidstone Crown Court for the trial of Ivan Esack. The former police man is on trial for the murder of his estranged wife Natalie at her hair salon in Ashford.

Footage of accused buying knife

A court's been shown pictures of the moment a former policeman bought a knife in a supermarket. The prosecution say it was the same knife that he used to murder his wife. Natalie Esack was killed in her town centre hairdressers salon in Ashford.

Ivan Esack denies murder - but admits the killing, saying he was suffering from mental health problems. Sarah Saunders has our report.

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