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Woman seen throwing kitten out of car

This six month old kitten was thrown out of a car in Holbury Credit: RSPCA

A woman has been seen throwing a kitten out of a car before driving off near Southampton. At about 6:10pm yesterday evening a silver Vauxhall Zafira shaped car with a black roof box was seen by a fellow driver pulling into the entrance of St. Bernard’s Church on Southbourne Avenue in Holbury.

A female then opened the car door and threw the young kitten out of the vehicle before quickly driving off. The terrified six month-old kitten was picked up by the person in the car behind before being taken to a local vet practice.

“Luckily this shocking turn of events had been witnessed by another considerate and quick-thinking driver who turned around and went to immediately find the poor kitten. Although clearly shaken by being abandoned in this manner, the kitten is in good health and should make a good recovery. I find it very bizarre that someone would want to dump their own pet like this - it is so callous and cold. These people have shown no thought for the damage they could have caused, for the kitten’s welfare or for her state of mind. It would have been very distressing for her.”

– Penny Baker, RSPCA Inspector

Anyone with any further information about this incident is being urged to contact the RSPCA inspector appeal line immediately on 0300 123 8018.

The RSPCA is a charity and we rely on public donations to exist. To assist our Inspectors in carrying out their vital work please text HELP to 78866 to give £3 (Texts cost £3 + one standard network rate message).

Girls found guilty of 'throwing kitten'

Two girls who filmed themselves throwing a kitten across a room have been found guilty of cruelty to the animal at a youth court in Maidstone.

The 15 and 16 year olds from the Isle of Sheppey laughed as they tossed the terrified animal between them, and then posted the video on Facebook.

They were fined £85 each. You may find some of the pictures upsetting. Sarah Saunders reports and speaks to Ch Insp Steve Dockery from the RSPCA.