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New home for endangered Lemurs at Marwell Zoo

Visitors to Marwell Zoo in Hampshire will be able to get a closer look at the Lemurs.

The new Lemur Loop allows people to walk through the primates habitat.

The critically endangered species - originally from Madagascar are known for their curiosity.


Lemurs enjoy Wimbledon treat

Tsito the black lemur enjoying a Wimbledon inspired treat Credit: Drusillas Park

Drusillas Park gave their lemurs a Wimbledon-inspired treat by putting their food inside tennis balls.

The unusual delivery of food went down well with the black lemurs who finished their meal within minutes.

The animals nearly broke the balls because they were so excited to get to their dinner.

The unique food delivery is part of the zoo's enrichment programme, which makes sure the lemurs enjoy a varied diet in imaginative and unusual ways.

The enrichment is carried out daily to encourage the animals to work harder for their food as they would have to in the wild.

Clementine the black lemur enjoying a Wimbledon-inspired treat Credit: Drusillas Park


Bamboo keeps lemurs happy!

Gardens step in to bring lemurs their tea!

Marwell Wildlife has enlisted the help of Exbury Gardens to supply bamboo to their family of critically endangered gentle lemurs.

The gentle lemurs are a highly specialised group of leaf eating primates, who in the wild feed exclusively on young twigs, shrubs and trees, such as bamboo.

Because of a limited a supply around the park, keepers sought help from nearby Exbury Gardens, which grows the bamboo the primates need to keep them healthy and happy.

Marwell Wildlife is home to a large family of gentle lemurs and recently celebrated the arrival of twins.

John Anderson, Exbury Head Gardener said: “It’s great that we can develop this partnership with Marwell. The Gardens have large swathes of ‘impenetrable’ bamboo and there remains a plentiful supply here.”