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New home for endangered Lemurs at Marwell Zoo

Visitors to Marwell Zoo in Hampshire will be able to get a closer look at the Lemurs.

The new Lemur Loop allows people to walk through the primates habitat.

The critically endangered species - originally from Madagascar are known for their curiosity.

Monkeys go on the run from Marwell Zoo

Visitors said the zoo was put on lockdown after the monkey made its escape. Credit: Kevin O'Donnell

Two monkeys have given their keepers the runaround after escaping from their cage in Marwell Zoo near Winchester.

Visitors said they were put "on lockdown" and posted photos showing efforts to capture the macaque monkeys as they roamed around.

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The zoo later said "the situation with the macaques is under control" in a tweet, adding "we apologise for any inconvenience".


Endangered baby monkey named by the public

Indah is starting to explore her new home at Marwell Zoo Credit: Natasha Jeffries

A critically endangered eight week old monkey has finally been given her name after members of the public voted.

Marwell Zoo’s adorable Sulawesi-crested macaque has been named Indah!

Indah is now starting to explore her new home with a watchful eye from mum and dad.

Born to mum, Drusilla and dad, Douglas, This is the first macaque born at Marwell for 10 years.

Sulawesi-crested macaques (Macaca nigra) are the most endangered of the seven macaque species found on the island of Sulawesi.

In the wild they live in tropical rainforests and mangrove swamp areas on the Northern Peninsula of the Indonesian island.

The animals face many threats in the wild - one of them is over hunting for food, as they are considered a delicacy in areas of Sulawesi.

“Thank you to all who have voted to help us name our exciting new arrival. The winning name was selected by one of our keepers and means beautiful in Indonesian. She is settling in really well to the group and is at the stage in her development where she is confident to explore.

“Under the watchful eye of mum Drusilla, she can be seen regularly running around and attempting to climb. Her sweet and playful nature has won the hearts of the entire team and visitors alike!”

– Claire Mound, Team Leader of Primates and Small Mammals
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