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Hampshire pup becomes a regimental mascot

Domhnall has already started his intensive training Credit: Press Association

To the untrained eye, he is just a rather large, playful puppy. But in a few months, Irish wolfhound Domhnall will be leading the way in high-profile state occasions as the new regimental mascot for 1st Battalion the Irish Guards.

Based at Mons Barracks in Aldershot, Hampshire, the five-month-old is already training for the moment he dons a special silver collar and scarlet tunic to join the guardsmen in their ceremonial role at occasions including the Queen's Birthday Parade.

Domhnall came to the regiment from Ireland untrained and he and his handler, Drummer David Steed, are on a steep learning curve to make sure they look the part when they first fulfil the role for the regiment's grand St Patrick's Day parade next year.