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Long queue of learners wait for driving test

Remember when you took your driving test? Well, it seems that for people learning NOW - after they've done all their lessons and passed their theory - there could be a very long wait until the practical test.

That wait time should only be six weeks - but, as Robert Murphy found out, thousands of drivers are in a long queue.

Snoring drink driver fell asleep at traffic lights

The drink driver was difficult to wake up Credit: ITV

A drink-driver, found asleep in his car at traffic lights, is among the latest to be convicted as part of Operation Dragonfly. He was three times the drink driving limit.

A total of 182 arrests were made in Sussex in December as part of Surrey and Sussex Police's Christmas 2015 campaign to crackdown on drink and drug-driving.

Jimi Rushbrook, 29, an engineer, of Old Harrow Road in St Leonards, was arrested after he was found asleep at the wheel of his car at a set of traffic lights in South Terrace, Hastings, at 5.55am on 24 December.

Police received a call from a member of the public who said he had stopped behind a vehicle which was stationary at the lights with the engine running.

A postman also stopped as he saw the vehicle at the lights with another vehicle behind. He went to the car - the engine was running - and saw a man asleep at the wheel snoring. He took the keys from the car and put them on the roof.

As officers arrived, the man was still asleep at the wheel and it took some encouragement to wake him up. He opened his eyes and he seemed not to know where he was or who they were.

He was asked if he was ok, but he wasn't able to speak; he just mumbled. Officers got the man out of the vehicle, and he was very unsteady and smelt of alcohol."

– Sussex Police

At Hastings Magistrates' Court Rushbrook pleaded guilty to driving with 104mg of alcohol per 100ml of breath in his system.

He was disqualified from driving for 25 months, ordered to carry out 60 hours of unpaid work, and pay £85 costs and a £60 victim surcharge.


Dart Charge cutting journey times by 90 minutes a week

The removal of the toll booths and introduction of the Dart Charge is reducing journey times for drivers using the Dartford Crossing.

No toll booths means drivers have flexibility of when to pay Credit: Highways England

New figures released by Highways England show that journeys over the crossing are now up to 56% faster, with drivers at peak times saving around an hour and a half every week, up to 14 minutes southbound and seven minutes northbound.

Relieving congestion and speeding up journeys at the Dartford Crossing is what Dart Charge is all about. These really encouraging figures show what a difference Dart Charge is making for drivers.

Drivers commuting from Essex in to Kent are saving around 20 minutes a day, and others commuting from Kent to Essex are saving more than 15 minutes a day.

– Nigel Gray, Dart Charge project director

The Dart Charge means drivers can pay online, by phone, post, or in a shop instead of paying cash at a barrier.

Dawn of a new age for Rolls-Royce in Sussex

They're described as handcrafted, beautiful and rare - and that's just the price tag!

Today Rolls-Royce unveiled its brand new car at the company's factory in Chichester.

Called the Dawn, it's hoped that the new model will attract a new, younger buyer to the luxury brand and provide job security in an ever-changing industry. Richard Slee reports on the £250,000 dream machine.

Ferrari worth £220,000 is written off after being hired for family wedding

A 200mph Sussex supercar has been written off after being hired for a family wedding. A 29-year-old old man hired the Ferrari 458 Italia for the wedding in Luton. The insurance company took three minutes to write the vehicle off.

The Ferrari had been hired for a wedding Credit: SWNS

The Ferrari had been hired from Prestige Lifestyle in Shoreham. A spokesman for the company said they were devastated to learn about the crash. The '64 plate supercar had only covered 4,600 miles.

The insurance company wrote off the vehicle Credit: SWNS
The scene after the bizarre crash Credit: SWNS

No one was injured when the red and grey Italia hit a low brick wall and wedged itself under a VW taxi. The accident also involved a Vauxhall Astra.


A blast from the past - Bluebird ready to fly again after 90 years

She was the first to break the 150 mile an hour barrier - a supercar as legendary as her driver Malcolm Campbell.

Tomorrow on the 90th anniversary of that achievement, the Bluebird will recreate that famous run - albeit at a more genteel speed.

But the car almost never ran again at all. Her engine was seriously damaged and only the skill and dedication of engineers brought her back to life, as Martin Dowse reports.

'Unsafe' driver wins High Court battle to keep licence

A 78 -year-old woman has won her High Court battle to keep her driving licence - despite being branded as 'unsafe' on the roads. Georgina Hitchen from Henley in Oxfordshire caused a three-car accident and had her licence revoked by the DVLA. The pensioner won the right to drive again when a judge ruled that 'age alone is not a reason to remove a licence'. Penny Silvester reports.

Sussex Transport Minister backs changes

The Government has agreed on an independent appeals service funded by the British Parking Association (BPA) that will allow motorists to appeal against a parking charge issued on private land by a BPA's approved operator. Local Transport Minister and the MP for Lewes in Sussex, Norman Baker said:

"These new parking arrangements deliver a fairer legal framework for motorists and landowners, while getting ridof the indiscriminate clamping and towing by private companies for good."

– Norman Baker MP, Transport Minister
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