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  1. Emma Hutchinson

The Last Word, January 2018

Crisis? What crisis? The queues of ambulances, and the patients in hospital corridors are not a crisis, says the PM. She's been to Frimley Park Hospital near Aldershot, where she told journalists the NHS was experiencing pressures, but was not in crisis.
Abortion: why is is provoking what one of our panellists describes as a twitterstorm?
And Brexit: time for a second referendum? Nigel Farage thinks one may be on the horizon.

  • Michelle Dorrell from Folkestone & Hythe Labour Party
  • Baroness Brinton from Kenardington in Kent, and
  • Maria Caulfield MP, the Conservative member for Lewes

All three panellists in the studio look ahead to 2018.

Warning that hospitals will struggle without EU nursing staff

As front line NHS staff gear up to cope with the winter onslaught, it's being warned that a sharp drop in student nurse recruits - combined with plummeting numbers of EU nurses coming to work in the UK could have severe consequences for patients.

The NHS is facing a recruitment crisis, but new nurses are not being attracted to the profession and after the Brexit referendum the number of EU nurses coming here to work - plummeted - a staggering 96 per cent.

In some of the region's healthcare trusts - where more than 1 in every 10 nurses is from the EU - it's warned we could be left short of staff if the doors are closed to nurses from neighbouring countries

Sarah Saunders spoke to Spanish nurse and UNISON rep Joan Pons Laplana; nurse and Royal College of Nursing union rep Ged Swinton; student nurse Hayley Parpworth and Patricia Marquis of the Royal College of Nursing.

Tribunal hears from NHS director who claims he was ousted after speaking out against gay adoption

A tribunal has finished hearing evidence into the claim by a former magistrate that he was sacked from the NHS because of his Christian views.

Richard Page was axed from his role as a non-executive director at a Kent NHS Trust after publicising his views about same-sex adoption and gay marriage.

He is claiming discrimination although the NHS said he lost his job because of the way he conducted himself. The tribunal today reserved judgement on the case.

As Derek Johnson reports.

Derek spoke to Richard Page and Andrea Williams Chief Executive, Christian Legal Centre.

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