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  1. Kevin Harrison

Could UKIP's Farage be about to bid for Parliament?

Nigel Farage MEP, leader of the UK Independence Party Credit: Dave Thompson/PA Wire

ITV News Meridian understands that Nigel Farage MEP, the UKIP leader, is to make a bid to enter Parliament by targeting Thanet South in Kent.

In some ways it makes perfect sense: Farage is a Kent man, represents the region in the European Parliament, and knows Thanet well. After all, he ran there in 2005 when Labour's Steve Ladyman held the seat.

And even better for Mr Farage, the seat's now held by Laura Sandys, just the sort of Tory wet that his party say they so dislike. She's a strong advocate of the green energy and wind power that his party despises, and remarkably pro-European too.

But does it make sense? When Farage stood here in 2005 he came a disappointing fourth place, behind Labour, the Tories, and the LibDems. Has the political landscape changed so much that the same voters who rejected him eight years ago, will now welcome his return?

Mr Farage has said he'll make no formal declaration until after the European Elections are done next May when he should expect to be re-elected to his well paid job in the Brussels Parliament. But after that? Well it's going to be an interesting few months...