Live updates

Powering down at nuclear power plant

Kent's nuclear power plant, Dungeness B, is closing down one of it's reactors for 12 weeks to carry out a 30-million pound maintenance program.

It will involve 12-thousand pieces of work which are not possible when the reactor is working.

Cameras are used for remote access.

Around 500 extra staff are on the EDF site to help carry out specialist checks, and replace and upgrade materials.

Demolition progress at obsolete nuclear power plant

Demolition of the largest building at the obsolete nuclear power station Dungeness A is nearing completion. The 26 metre-high turbine hall is being knocked down as the site, which closed in 2006, is decommissioned and made safe. Sarah Saunders went along to watch as the building was torn down and spoke to Paul Wilkinson, Site Director and Andy Dyson, Demolition Engineer.