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Youth police press conference announced

Reporters have been invited to a press conference to discuss Kent Youth Police and Crime Commissioner Paris Brown's future, it's been announced.

Ann Barnes, Kent Police and Crime Commissioner, will be giving a statement on the Youth Commissioner post.

The announcement follows calls for 17-year-old Miss Brown, Britain's first Youth Police and Crime Commissioner, to step down just a week after taking the post.

She has apologised for what she describes as her "use of inappropriate language" following complaints after Tweets she posted between the ages of 14 and 16.

The press conference will take place at 3pm.


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Police investigate youth PCC's tweets

Police are investigating social media messages written by Britain's first youth police and crime commissioner following complaints by the public.

Kent police officers will decide whether Paris Brown, 17, has committed any offences in writing apparently racist, violent and anti-gay tweets.

Youth Police and Crime Commissioner Paris Brown Credit: Gareth Fuller/PA Wire

The teenager has apologised for what she describes as her "use of inappropriate language" for the tweets which she posted between the ages of 14 and 16.

Tonight the force said: "Kent Police has today received a number of complaints about statements posted on social media. Kent Police officers are investigating circumstances to determine whether any offences have been committed."

Ramsgate MP echoes calls for 17 year old to quit

Ramsgate MP Laura Sandys has echoed her Conservative colleague Damian Collins' call for embattled 17-year-old Paris Brown to step down as Kent's youth police commissioner.

She Tweeted publicly to the Folkestone MP: "Paris Brown should step down as Youth Crime Tsar for Kent.">> totally agree.Gimmicks always backfire #morepolicinglessParis"

Miss Brown, Britain's first youth police commissioner, apologised yesterday for "inappropriate language and views" she posted on her Twitter account.

The offensive tweets, which included references to taking drugs, were posted by the teenager from the ages of 14 to 16, but have now been deleted.


Paris Brown's Twitter apology

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Youth police commissioner's tearful apology for tweets

Kent's Police Commissioner Ann Barnes is tonight pledging to stand by the teenager she appointed last week as her youth expert after it was revealed the youngster had used Twitter to send messsages about drinking, drugs and sex.

Seventeen-year-old Paris Brown made a tearful apology for the tweets which were sent nearly two years ago. They have both been speaking to Iain McBride

Police commissioner backs Paris after 'offensive' tweets

Kent's Police & Crime Commissioner Ann Barnes, has said was appalled when she heard about offensive Twitter messages sent by the teenager she last week appointed as the county's first Youth and Crime Commissioner. However, Ann Barnes defended Paris Brown, saying she deserved another chance.

The tearful teenager said the messages were sent when she was younger, and she apologised for any offence she had caused.

Youth police rep sorry for tweets: 'I was naive and immature... I apologise'

Kent's first Youth Police and Crime Commissioner Paris Brown,17, has apologised for writing tweets that were inappropriate. A Sunday paper accused her of writing messages on Twitter that were racist and homophobic, as well as offensive messages about drugs and drinking.

The teenager said that some of the messages had been taken out of context, that they were written some time ago, and that she was sorry if she had offended anyone.

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