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  1. Phil Hornby

The Last Word, March 2018

The dramatic events in Salisbury with the poison attacks on a quiet provincial city have put it centre stage. How should Britain and the World respond ?

And a year to Brexit: did people vote to return the country to "When passports were blue, the map of the British part of the world was pink, and faces were white" as the Lib Dem leader claims?

To debate that -

  • Baroness Brinton of Kenardington in Kent
  • Peter Kyle, Labour MP for Hove in Sussex, and
  • Michael Tomlinson MP, the Conservative member for Mid-Dorset and North Poole

Sussex professor explains downfall of poisoners

A Sussex professor who was a key witness in the report into the murder of ex-Russian Spy Alexander Litvinenko has told ITV Meridian that committing the crime in the UK was the poisoners' downfall.

Mr Litvinenko died eight years ago when he drank a cup of tea laced with the radioactive substance. Pulonium. The men who met him have been named but remain in Russia.

Fred spoke to Professor Norman Dombey who said that 'almost anywhere else on Earth' Litvinenko's death would have been merely suspicious.


Cat owners: 'Be vigilant'

Cat owners in Canterbury are being warned to be vigilant after the RSPCA received a number of reports of animals being struck down with alleged anti-freeze poisoning in the last few weeks.

The charity say they are aware of two incidents in the area, and a further six cats may have been poisoned in the Sittingbourne area earlier this month.

It could be that these cats were targeted maliciously or it's possible that someone was simply unaware of the potential hazard to cats when they poured the antifreeze away. Whatever the circumstances we want to warn all cat owners of the dangers of antifreeze poisoning. Unfortunately the taste of antifreeze is very attractive to cats and ingesting just the smallest amounts can lead to kidney failure and death.

– RSPCA inspector Caroline Doe