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Famous gorilla celebrates his 25th birthday

A famous gorilla from the South East is celebrating his 25th birthday today.

Ambam had his share of fame last year when a video of him walking upright like a man went viral.

Today he'll be enjoying a special birthday cake at Port Lympne animal park.

Ambam at Port Lympne animal park Credit: ITV Meridian


Endangered African painted dog pups make debut at Port Lympne

Keepers at Port Lympne Animal Reserve in Kent are celebrating as not one, but three litters of endangered African painted dog puppies have made their public debut.

It's thought less than 3000 of this breed, which is most commonly found in Southern Africa, now remain in the wild.

The birth of these pups, who are now three months old and a mix of males and females, takes the number of African painted dogs at the Reserve, near Ashford, to a staggering 43.

Rare Malayan tapir born at Port Lympne

Rare Malayan tapir born at Port Lympne Credit: Port Lympne Reserve

A new present has arrived at Port Lympne animal reserve in Kent - just in time for Christmas.

The Malayan tapir is an extremely rare, endangered species but newborn baby Nias has given hope to animal keepers. He is one of only around two thousand tapirs believed to exist in the world.

Nias is the eleventh Malayan tapir to be born at Port Lympne reserve, near Hythe, since 1989.

VIDEO: Primates get into Halloween spirit in Kent

Lemurs and monkeys are getting into the Halloween spirit with carved pumpkins and ghosts at their home at Port Lympne reserve in Kent.

The pumpkins have been smeared with peanut spread as an extra special treat for the black and white ruffed lemurs and capuchin monkeys.


Uncanny walking gorilla celebrates birthday

A Kent wildlife park is celebrating the birthday of one of their most famous animal residents.

Ambam the gorilla went viral in 2011, when a video of him walking upright like a human was shared worldwide.

Port Lympne Wildlife Park are holding a special party for the western lowland gorilla by giving him a very special birthday cake and celebrations at the park.

The gorilla developed his unusual skill of walking on two legs when he was hand-raised after being separated from his mother.

Endangered tigers enjoy Christmas presents at Kent park

Tigers at Port Lympne enjoy a selection of Christmas presents Credit: Port Lympne

Tigers at Port Lympne Animal Park have been enjoying Christmas presents as such of an enrichment scheme.

The Amur tigers get to enjoy festively decorated boxes, sprayed with an array of fragrances.

The tigers dug into the presents eagerly by ripping them open and rubbing against them.

Tigers at the park will enjoy their presents today Credit: Port Lympne

Providing tigers with new scents excites their sense of smell and is important to create a simulating environment for the animals.

Ben Thompson, Large Carnivore keeper said: "Seeing the tigers interact with new scents is really important. It stimulates their natural behaviour, such as the flehmen reaction (where they expose their tongues to transfer scents to the vomeronasal organ in their mouth)

"They enjoy rubbing against the scent and scent marking over the top themselves. They particularly enjoy Calvin Klein’s Obsession For Men!”

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