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Prince Charles visits family home of Sir Winston Churchill

His Royal Highness Prince Charles visited the family home of Sir Winston Churchill, Chartwell in Kent this morning.

The National Trust has embarked on an ambitious plan this year to purchase hundreds of historic artefacts belonging to the wartime prime minister and secure them as part of his public legacy.

They're on display at his family home of Chartwell near Westerham and today Prince Charles made a special visit to take a look around. Sarah Saunders report contains some flash photography.


Statue of Queen Mother unveiled in Poundbury

The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh were welcomed to Poundbury this morning Credit: ITV Meridian

The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh were in Dorset today.

They travelled with Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall to Poundbury, which is just outside Dorchester.

Hundreds gathered for the Queen's visit to Poundbury Credit: ITV Meridian

The Prince of Wales has helped design the experimental new town, which features a mix of shops, cottages, town houses and businesses.

The Queen also unveiled a 9 foot statue of the Queen Mother in the village square.

Poundbury will have 5000 residents when it's finished by 2025.

A statue of the Queen Mother was unveiled in the Square Credit: ITV Meridian


Royal seal of approval for Eton College's new complex

The Prince of Wales talks to students at Eton College

The Prince of Wales has been visiting the Thames Valley today. Prince Charles was at Eton College in Windsor to open the new Bekynton Field development.

As the father of two former pupils - both Prince William and Prince Harry were educated at the private school - it was perhaps even more fitting that the heir to the throne was invited to perform the honour.

The £18 million pound project is the school's largest development since its foundation in 1440. Divya Kohli reports.

The interviewees are Tony Little, the Headmaster; and Michael Johnson from The Copper Works Newlyn.

Prince Charles to open new building at Eton College

Prince Charles has arrived at Eton College to officially open the institution's new Bekynton Field Development. The development includes forty new classrooms and common rooms.

Prince Charles at 'model village' Poundbury 20 years on

The Prince of Wales is visiting Dorset today to take part in a special reception for people involved in the creation of the Poundbury Project twenty years ago.

Poundbury is an urban extension of Dorchester in Dorset. The creation of Poundbury centred around Prince Charles' beliefs and ideas on town - planning coupled with a long period of public consultation.

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