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Five puppies found dumped in a cage

The puppies were found abandoned in a cage in Chipping Norton Credit: RSPCA

Five puppies have been dumped in a cage in Oxfordshire. The animals, were eight weeks old and four have now died.

The only surviving puppy has been named Barney Credit: RSPCA

They were discovered abandoned in the middle of a field in Idbury in Chipping Norton. by a dog walker. They had no food or water.

The surviving puppy has been named Barney and is being cared for by the RSPCA.

Demand for 'designer dogs' fuels illegal puppy trade

It's a sad reality but the demand for designer dogs - at this time of year - is fuelling the illegal puppy trade.

Tiny Pugs, French Bulldogs and Chow Chow puppies are being smuggled into Britain from Europe to be sold online to unsuspecting families.

Many are unwell, unvaccinated and taken from their mothers too young. Our Correspondent, Derek Johnson has been to a quarantine kennel where puppies are being cared for.


Priceless pups - hair-raising bids for world's rarest Ridgebacks

A dog-owner from Sussex has Europe's first-ever litter of the world's rarest breed of dog.

Catherine Lane from Brighton is not only the first owner of Phu Quoc Ridgebacks in Europe, but also the first to successfully breed a litter of puppies.

Catherine travelled all the way to Vietnam to buy the parent dogs, which are so rare there are only 800 registered in the world.

She's been offered up to £10,000 for each of the four puppies.

Dumped at Christmas: seven puppies left for dead

Seven adorable puppies were abandoned in a laundry bucket on the side of a road in Surrey in freezing temperatures.

The scared seven-week-old pups were found by a member of the public, where they were left scared and cold with no food or water.

If you are interested in rehoming one of the seven puppies, contact 01784 494443 Credit: Battersea Dogs and Cats Home

It's thought the puppies were bred as Christmas presents but failed to sell.

Battersea has had an influx of pre-Christmas puppies this year with 14 puppies arriving, all under the age of 12 weeks.

This includes a 10 week old Mongrel, a 14-week-old Rottweiler, a five month old Labrador, and four five-month-old Staffordshire Bull Terriers.

The puppies were found on the side of the road so it's very obvious they were dumped deliberately.

Dumping animals without food or water near a road could have disastrous consequences,but thankfully a member of the public acted quickly and they’re now recovering from their ordeal and are looking for new homes.”

– Kaye Mughal, Battersea Old Windsor's Manager

Three puppies abandoned in cardboard box

These puppies are looking for a new home after they were abandoned Credit: Foal Farm Animal Rescue Centre

Vets treating three puppies abandoned in a cardboard box in Kent say it is one of the worst neglect cases they have ever seen. The dogs were left outside the Foal Farm Animal Rescue Centre in Biggin Hill with sores and high temperatures. It's believed they were left after they couldn't be sold by a dog breeder.

They were rushed to a vets for urgent treatment, suffering from mange, sores, worms and high temperatures.

It's probable that their siblings were sold before the hair loss - yet another example of irresponsible breeding, with the litter probably being sold on the internet with these 3 unable to be sold. The pictures are shocking but need to be seen - we, yet again, would urge people not to purchase puppies from internet sites and rescue instead.

– Spokesperson for Foal Farm Animal Rescue Centre

As well the puppies, a cockerel, two rabbits and an unneutured cat were left at Foal Farm

The public are being urged to donate towards the huge cost towards getting these puppies back to health.

Stolen puppies 'perfect age to sell on'

Kent Police, who are investigating the theft of seven puppies, believe now is the time they will be offered up for sale.

The spaniel puppies were stolen back in December during a break-in in Matfield, Kent.

The litter would now be aged 7-8 weeks old, the perfect age to sell on.

Detective Constable Sarah Jacobs has urged members of the public to report anyone suspicious who may be trying to sell puppies.

She said, "We are asking people to think very carefully if they are offered spaniel puppies for sale."

Six of the puppies are described as chocolate coloured, two of which have white markings. The other puppy is black with two white rear paws.

Anyone with information should call 01622 604 356, quoting YY/025769/13.

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