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Midwife hailed hero for saving baby's life

A mother has hailed a midwife as a hero after saving her baby's life at the QA Hospital in Portsmouth. Nikki Legg had complications during her pregnancy - but quick thinking ensured baby Jameson survived. Sally Simmonds reports.

'Anyone can get it' Ex-marine calls for TB awareness

Former marine has now recovered from Tuberculosis

A former marine who took a year to recover after contracting tuberculosis is campaigning to raise awareness of the illness. Caleb Salero from Hampshire says that anybody can be at risk of the bacterial infection. Symptoms include persistent coughing, night sweats and a fever.

In 2014 there were 6,500 cases of TB in England. More than 4 and a half thousand of those patients were born in countries where the condition is more prevalent. But almost 2 thousand cases were people born in England. Caleb has had the all clear, and hopes that his case will encourage people to be aware of the symptoms. Richard Jones has our report.


New volunteer teams to help Portsmouth's elderly

Queen Alexandra Hospital launches new scheme Credit: ITV news

A new scheme to help prepare elderly patients return home after being discharged is being launched at Portsmouth's Queen Alexandra Hospital. Volunteers will assist with shopping, collecting prescriptions or medication, and transportation to medical appointments for up to six weeks. The measure has been found to halve the number of people having to be readmitted within three months.

The scheme will be run by the Royal Voluntary Service. Research conducted by the charity, assisted by the Kings Fund, identified that older people returning home from hospital without enough support are more than twice as likely to be readmitted within three months.

As part of the service, the volunteer will prepare the person's home, making sure the heating and lights are on and that the kitchen is stocked with essentials.

David McCullough, Chief Executive of Royal Voluntary Service said: "This service will mean more older people will receive the support of a caring volunteer who will be there to help them get back on their feet after a stay in hospital. We know that placing a volunteer at the centre of a person's recovery plan can make a huge difference."

Linda Field, Head of Nursing for Medicine for Older People, Rehabilitation and Stroke at Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust, said: "These volunteers will make a significant difference to the lives of older people after they are discharged from QA. Their support will be invaluable in helping our patients, some of whom may have been in hospital for a length of time, to settle back into their own homes. This ongoing support benefits patients hugely, and has a positive impact on physical health as well as emotional wellbeing.

Car parking prices at Queen Alexandra Hospital to go up

Parking charges at the Queen Alexandra Hospital in Portsmouth will increase from next month.

Parking tariffs at the multi-story car park, the north car park and for spaces nearest to the east entrance will increase from Tuesday 1st April this year.

Up to an hour and a half will now cost £1.70, up to two and half hours will cost £3, six hours will cost £7.50 and over 12 hours will cost £16.60.

Patients and visitors who need to attend the hospital over long periods of time can still benefit from a reduced parking rate, at the discretion of the ward or clinic sister.

Peter Mellor, director of corporate affairs and business development at the hospital said:

"Carillion (who manage the car parks) has responded positively to requests from members of the public and local politicians to be as considerate as possible when considering the new parking prices for 2014/15.

The Trust has worked alongside Carillion to ensure the rise in car parking charges at the hospital are fair and remain as low as possible. We are confident that Carillion, in line with its contract, has done the best it can for our patients."

– Peter Mellor, Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust

Man among first to have new bowel cancer treatment

A man from Portsmouth is one of the first person in the country to undergo a new form of medical treatment to shrink a bowel tumour.

Alan Bennett, 68, was part of a national chemoradiotherapy trial at the Queen Alexandra Hospital in Portsmouth.

The new treatment reduces the size of the cancer, so it can be cut out without removing the rectum. Mr Bennett had to take tablets every day, and had radiotherapy five days a week for five weeks.

His tumour had shrunk enough for him to have keyhole surgery last October, followed by a week in hospital to recover.

Letting the tumour shrink before removing it made the process easier for the surgeon, and ultimately me in the recovery process.

"Three months after the operation I started a course of intravenous chemotherapy to kill off any cancer that may have remained in my body. This involves eight sessions and I'm currently on my fifth. I have one every three weeks, which involves me having medicine pumped into my arm for two-and-a-half hours. Alongside this I also take eight pills a day."

"I'm a positive person and I'm trying to get on with my life. I have five young grandchildren, a wife of over 40 years and a small property business to run, so I have lots to keep me busy.

My obvious fear is that the cancer has spread, which I won't find out for another two months when I go for an MRI scan. But if it has then I will fight it once more and continue to fight it until it's gone."

– Alan Bennett, Chemoradiotherapy patient

"Dealing with bowel cancer has its own challenges but one good thing is that if it is diagnosed at an earlier stage the treatment & outcomes are so good that one can consider it cured after the treatment.

"Some rectal tumours are located so close to the back passage that the only option for patients is an operation to remove the back passage completely, leaving the patient with a permanent stoma (colostomy bag).

"With advances in chemoradiotherapy we are now able to offer this treatment to a wider group of patients.

– Consultant surgeon, Jim Khan
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