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Residents who claim they're plagued by rats call for action

Children have been stopped from playing in their gardens and even cars have been damaged by a plague of rats chewing through brake cables.

Reading council acknowledges that there is a problem in the town and says it is urgently looking for a solution.

However, residents living around the Anstey Road, Baker Street and Howard Street area say the situation is getting out of control and they've handed in a petition calling for action.

Mel Bloor has more.


Residents 'afraid to be in their homes' due to rat infestation

Residents at a Hampshire housing block say they're scared to be in their homes because of an infestation of rats. Some at The Conservatory in Winchester claim the rodents have become brazen running through their homes at all times. The owners say they're doing everything they can to solve the issues. This from Divya Kohli.

Scientists warn of increasing number of 'super rats'

So-called 'super rats' are invading whole areas across the UK according to new research. The study shows that a new mutant strain of rodents are becoming immune to legally available rat poisons.

The problem is becoming worse day by day, as the rats continue to eat the bait without being affected. The interviewee is Dr Colin Prescott, Director of the Vertebrate Pests Unit, University of Reading.


Super 'mutant' rats invading the south

The so-called Norway rat is infesting areas across the south Credit: ITV Meridian

New research has revealed that super mutant rats are infesting the south. According to scientists at the University of Reading, the rodents which are resisting legal poisons are now invading parts of Dorset, the Thames Valley and Kent.

The so-called 'Norway rat' is the culprit.

The so-called Norway rat is infesting areas across the south Credit: ITV Meridian

Rats as big as cats? Have you seen bigger?

A giant rat found in Kent. Credit: Sue via Radio 2 Twitter

It's not the sort of find you want to make in an Easter egg hunt this weekend - a rat the size of a cat, you'd need a rather large rat trap to catch this one.

The rodent was found dead in Gravesend in Kent - just the latest example around the country.

This photo was tweeted by BBC Radio 2 after the problem was discussed on the Jeremy Vine show.

Mr Rattie the stowaway arrives in a box of worms

Feeding time for Mr Rattie Credit: Seaview Wildlife Encounter

A keeper at Seaview Wildlife Encounter on the Isle of Wight opened up a box containing worms to be greeted by …. a stowaway baby rat! The young rodent must have crawled into the outer box containing the worms before it left the supplier in Cambridgeshire. And he loves his new home on the island...