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Hungry pandas call for extra bamboo at zoo

Zoo keepers in Sussex are urgently asking gardeners to give them food for their pandas.

The red pandas, like Mulan, can eat up to two kilograms of bamboo a day - and supplies at Drusillas Park in Alfriston are currently running low.

The animals originate from the Himalayan mountains of China, India and Nepal. Mulan and her partner Anmar's diet consists almost entirely of the plant. We hear from head keeper Mark Kenward.

Red panda cubs venture out the nest box

Mya has ventured out of the nest box for the first time Credit: Drusillas Park

Drusillas Park’s beautiful red panda twins have finally started to venture outside the nest box.

The twins, who are a boy and a girl, have evaded the outside world since their birth on 16 June. However, over the last couple of weeks they have been spotted out and about several times as mum, Mulan leads the way.

Anmar has ventured out of the nest box for the first time Credit: Drusillas Park

“It’s the minute we’ve all been waiting for and they are certainly worth the wait. They have grown a lot and are nearly as big as the adults. However you can still tell them easily apart due to their fluffy coats and cheeky characters. Red pandas are very playful by nature and our two are no exception. Interestingly our young female, Mya has taken on the slightly darker colouration of her mother, Mulan. On the other hand, Anmar has a comparatively lighter coat, much like his father, Tibao. They are still finding their feet and are not as confident on the climbing frames as their parents but they are making steady progress. Hopefully, now they have taken these initial steps they will start to spend more and more time exploring out of the box so our visitors get the opportunity to really enjoy them.”

– Zoo Manager, Sue Woodgate

Adorable red panda cubs born only a few weeks ago

The cute red panda cubs in their nesting box Credit: Port Lympne Wild Animal Park
The cubs exploring a tree! Credit: David Rolfe at Port Lympne

Pictures of two red panda cubs, who were born only a few weeks ago, show how they are already exploring their surroundings.

Port Lympne Wild Animal Park welcomed the healthy cubs and say they are 'delighted' with their new arrivals.

The wild animal park announced the arrival of a female red panda, Wanmei, in July last year.

They hoped that she and male red panda, Tiang Ming, would hit it off.

Head of Small Carnivore Section, Neville Buck said, "The fluffy cubs are Wanmei's first and she is being an excellent mum. Tiang Ming is an experienced father so I think they are a great team."