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BMW workers fear for their jobs after Brexit

Workers at the BMW Mini plant in Cowley, Oxfordshire, say they now fear for their jobs after Britain's vote in favour of Brexit.

The employees say they can't see why BMW would keep the plant open, when it will be cheaper to produce the cars in mainland Europe instead.

Watch the workers speak outside the plant in Cowley below:


Tears and cheers among rail passengers after referendum results

There was a wide range of views about the Referendum result on the 0722 Brighton to London this morning.

Some rail passengers had spent the morning crying, while others cheered when they heard the results for the first time.

Brighton as a whole voted overwhelmingly in favour of 'Remain' (68.6%).

Watch the reactions below:


Watch moment David Cameron announces resignation as PM

Watch the moment that David Cameron, MP for Witney, announces he will resign as Prime Minister by October following the results of the EU referendum.

PM: "No immediate changes for European citizens in Britain"

The Prime Minister has reassured European citizens living in Britain that there are no immediate changes to their status.

David Cameron has also promised that there will be no immediate change to the way people can travel within Europe.

Watch below:

Watch David Cameron's resignation speech in full

David Cameron will resign as Prime Minister by October.

The MP for Witney announced the decision after Britain voted to leave the European Union.

Watch his resignation speech in full below:

South's farmers call for government protection after Brexit

The National Farmers' Union (NFU) has called on the government to put in new arrangements to protect British farmers following the vote to leave the EU.

Many farmers in the South rely on seasonal workers from EU countries and more than half of British farming's income comes from EU subsidies.

The NFU say that the government needs to commit to the following principles as quickly as possible to protect farmers:

  • Achieving the best possible access to Europe's markets, which remain extremely important to Britain’s farmers
  • Gaining access to markets in the rest of the world, while ensuring British farmers are protected from imports which are produced to lower standards
  • Ensuring farmers can get access to seasonal and full-time workers
  • Creating a British agricultural policy which provides farmers with the same level of treatment as European farmers - who will be their main competitors

Our members will rightly want to know the impact on their businesses as a matter of urgency.

We understand that the negotiations will take some time to deliver but it is vital that there is early commitment to ensure British farming is not disadvantaged.

It is vital that British farming is profitable and remains competitive, it is the bedrock of the food industry – Britain’s largest manufacturing sector.

– NFU President Meurig Raymond
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