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Where are all our missing kings?

Experts believe they've found the final resting place of King Alfred the Great - born in Oxfordshire, who died almost 600 years earlier than Richard the third - in 899 AD.

So could an unmarked grave in the grounds of a Hampshire church - really hold the secret of the Saxon King's remains? Fred spoke to Professor Martin Biddle from Oxford University to find out.

Is King Richard III's son buried in Kent?

This week, it was revealed a battle-scarred skull and bones found under a car park in Leicester was that of King Richard III. But now there are calls to investigate whether his illegitimate son really is buried in a churchyard in Kent.

In the grounds of St Mary's Church in Eastwell, near Ashford, there is a tombstone for Richard Plantagenet - who is thought to have lived in the village - until he died in 1550. John Ryall investigates.