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Beach safety warnings as lifeguards end summer season

Credit: PA-Library picture

RNLI lifeguard patrols have packed up for the season on beaches in Dorset.

Thirteen beaches in Bournemouth, Poole and Weymouth saw their last patrols yesterday - as the summer draws to a close.

They're warning swimmers to take extra care in the stormier conditions of Autumn.

Deckchairs piled up on Bournemouth beach herald the end of the summer season Credit: PA

Autumn will see bigger swell around the coast. People walking on the coast should always check the tide times before setting out and carry a means of communication.

The bigger swells mean more unpredictable rip currents in the water so people should take extra care.

Anyone in difficulty in the water should try not to panic or fight against any currents, hold onto anything buoyant they have, call for help and raise their hand to attract attention and try to keep their head above water.

People visiting the beaches can help keep themselves safe by taking note of the safety signage at the entrance to the beach, going with a friend or telling someone on the shore where they are going, and always being aware of the conditions and their own capabilities in the water.'

– Mike Winter, RNLI Lifeguard Supervisor

For more information go to the RNLI water safety website

Four people rescued after two dinghies capsize

Four people have been rescued from the water by Portsmouth lifeboats off the Hampshire coast. While out sailing, a vintage dinghy capsized from a sudden gust and was unable to self-right. On trying to assist, a second dinghy capsized, leaving all four people in the water, with a fast outgoing Langstone Harbour tide.

Busy weekend for lifeboat crews in Kent

A busy weekend for lifeboats in Kent Credit: RNLI

It was a busy weekend for Margate's RNLI inshore lifeboat. Both Margate and Ramsgate’s inshore lifeboats were called out on Sunday afternoon after a small yacht was reported to be in difficulties at the base of the cliffs in Stone Bay. The sole occupant had entered the water attempting to return his vessel to deeper water.

The lifeboat crew found the occupant to be cold and confused. He was taken on board the Margate inshore lifeboat and and put in a casualty bag.

Just a few hours later Margate’s inshore lifeboat was called out again after Kent Police received a call from a person in distress at Margate’s main sands.

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