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Great Bustards re-introduced in Britain

Birdworld has been supporting the project to re-establish Great Bustards Credit: David Kjaer

Birdworld and the Great Bustard Group are undertaking a project to bring the Great Bustard bird back to Britain after years of extinction.

The Great Bustard Project was created to re-introduce the species and works tirelessly to re-establish the birds in the UK to create a self sustaining population.

Birdworld has been supporting the Great Bustard Project for several years now by giving a percentage of all money raised in raffles and collections.

As well as fundraising, Birdworld has also been raising awareness of the plight of the Great Bustard with information boards and taxidermy at the park.

The extinct bird are a missing piece of UK wildlife heritage Credit: David Kjaer


Soldiers train on Salisbury Plain before Afghan tour

Troops from 1 Mechanized Brigade have been showcasing their skills on Salisbury Plain ahead of their deployment to Afghanistan. The brigade have been completing the final phase of their training ahead of their tour of the wartorn country.

The soldiers will join Operation Herrick in Helmand Province in Afghanistan in the Summer. Actors have joined the troops, playing the soldiers' Afghan counterparts during today's training exercises on Salisbury Plain.

Training exercises on Salisbury Plain ahead of Afghan deployment Credit: Ben Birchall/PA Wire
1 Mechanized Brigade carry out training on Salisbury Plain before heading to Afghanistan in the Summer Credit: Ben Birchall/PA Wire
Actors are playing the role of soldiers' Afghan counterparts in training exercises Credit: Ben Birchall/PA Wire
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