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Family of ducks reunited after storm drain drama

Credit: RSPCA

Two ducklings that were stuck in a storm drain have been reunited with their mother and the rest of the brood after the RSPCA and firefighters joined forces to rescue them.

A member of the public found that the family of ducklings had fallen down the storm drain in Sunnyside Gardens, in Sandwich. After pulling three ducklings free from the drain the member of the public could hear more further down the pipes and called the RSPCA for help.

You could hear the ducklings calling but there was no way to get to them. I contacted Kent Fire and Rescue Service who attended and suggested if they could run their hose one end, then I could get the duckling with my net the other end. It all worked really well and out popped two ducklings.

To top it all off the mother duck came out of the bushes calling for them. After giving them a quick check over and making sure they were okay, I released them back to mum who took them off to their nest. All the ducklings were reunited and it was a lovely happy ending!

– RSPCA Insp Deborah Pert

Could the monarchy owe a town £8 billion?

A group of friends from Sandwich have unearthed documents that say Queen Elizabeth I promised to help dredge their river - but she never paid up.

They've written to the current monarch to ask for the debt to be paid - with interest. Sarah Saunders reports.

Four care homes in Kent under threat

Kent County Council wants to close two care homes in the South East and replace two others with alternative arrangements.

They are in Sandwich, Sheerness, Faversham and Maidstone.

But Sue Black, the daughter of one resident of the home in Maidstone, has told ITV News she's furious and will campaign against the plans.

We propose to close two of our homes because they are under-used and the buildings cannot provide quality care into the future without significant investment.

The well-being of the residents that live at, or frequently use the homes is our first and foremost consideration. They are being kept up to date with proposed changes and we will be working with them and their carers to continue to meet their needs.

– Graham Gibbens, KCC Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care and Public Health


  1. David Johns (@davidjohns_itv)

Sandwich on the menu for Pub Landlord

He'd hoped to make a splash by dropping into Sandwich from 10,000 feet - but as it turned out, too many sandwiches were his downfall.

The Free UK Party's Pub Landlord and would-be MP, Al Murray, was banned from a parachuting stunt this morning after weighing in too hefty for the jump.

Unbeaten, he went to Sandwich anyway and we sent reporter David Johns to track his election progress.

He spoke to Al Murray of FUKP and Nigel Askew of the Reality Party.

  1. David Johns (@davidjohns_itv)

Sandwich to boost from ancient text

Eight hundred years ago, the most important document in the country's legal history was signed.

That document was Magna Carta, and a handful of copies were made in the years afterwards.

Now one of those copies has been found in the Kent History Centre and David Johns has been to see it:

Interviewees: Sir Robert Worcester of the Magna Carta Trust, the mayor of Sandwich, Paul Graeme, and archivist Mark Bateson.

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