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West Sussex County Council - what we're doing to improve our primary schools.

West Sussex County Council have responded to the release of Primary School Performance Tables that show that they are one of the lowest performing areas in the country.

Here is their statement in full.

"While we are obviously disappointed with these results, since the beginning of the autumn term we have been working very hard with our schools to support them in improving pupils’ performance.

"2016 was the first year the 2014 new National Curriculum had been assessed. Key stage 2 pupils sitting the tests in the summer of 2016 had experienced the new National Curriculum for two years and the previous National Curriculum for two years, and this impacted upon results.

"We have put in place a comprehensive training and support programme for schools which focuses upon English and maths and are positive that we will be able to improve on the results in the future.

In April 2016 we put in place a school improvement strategy and this includes a Key Stage improvement plan to support and challenge schools with improving their Key Stage 1 and 2 outcomes.

"This is designed to build confidence with schools in delivering the new national curriculum and secure improved preparation towards national assessment and moderation in the summer of 2017.

"Each of our West Sussex schools has a Linked Advisor and schools are supported according to their need, with those requiring the greatest improvement receiving the greatest level of support."


Primary school performance under the spotlight

When 11 year olds took their SATs tests this spring the exams hit the headlines because they were so much harder than they used to be. Well - today the results of those tests were released - in the form of the Primary School league tables. But some have questioned how useful the information is - one teaching union says it's misleading and unreliable and the data should never had been published.

Christine Alsford reports.