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Free school transport to stop for thousands

Free school transport has been scrapped today in Oxfordshire - for up to three thousand children who don't go to the school nearest to their home. Campaigners say it means some young people will have to walk three miles to class.

But the County Council says the decision will save £2m - and forms part of its austerity measures. In all, Oxfordshire Councillors need to find £61m worth of savings. It says today's decision will not affect the poorest of families. Mel Bloor has more.

HMS Illustrious personnel help repair school

Personnel from HMS Illustrious have enabled 450 children in the Philippines to return to school after repairing the building as part of their ongoing humanitarian mission.

HMS Illustrious personnel help children return to school Credit: Crown Copyright 2013

Royal Navy Merlin, Sea King and Army Lynx helicopters from Illustrious are sweeping the region to identify the worst hit areas before teams are despatched to help people to recover from the effects of Typhoon Haiyan.

HMS Illustrious personnel help children return to school Credit: Crown Copyright 2013

One such recent mission was the repair of the school on the island of Calagnaan to the north east of Panay. A specialist team of twenty men and women were deployed to carry out the work. The efforts of the team will allow 450 children to return to the school.

HMS Illustrious personnel help children return to school Credit: Crown Copyright 2013


VIDEO: Cost of school uniforms 'unfair on the parents'

A shopkeeper in Gravesend has put up a banner outside his clothing shop criticising schools about their choice of uniform suppliers.

Dilip Ahluwalia isn't an official supplier of uniforms, but he's selling them despite some local schools objecting.

He claims parents aren't getting value for money. Schools say the suppliers they use are providing quality goods at a fair price.


Children taught two languages at state primary school

All the latest research shows that we are being left behind when it comes to teaching our children foreign languages. But what is the right age to start learning?

Brighton has the country's first state bilingual primary school where Spanish is a part of everyday school life from an early age - and they think it actually improves academic performance across the board.

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Do you want to set up a new school?

Medway Council is inviting potential providers to submit their applications to establish and operate a new primary academy in Chatham.

Residents are also being asked for their views on the proposals for the new primary school based on the former Chatham South site on Letchworth Avenue, Chatham.

Proposals for the new primary provision were given the go ahead by Medway Council’s Cabinet last month and now the council is inviting potential providers for the academy to come forward.

The primary will cater for up to six hundred and thirty children aged three to eleven.

It will be open by September 2014, to cater for a forecasted 22 per cent rise in the number of places needed in Chatham by 2016.

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