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20 years after a mother was murdered police renew their appeal for information

It was a shocking crime which still haunts the local community. Today marks twenty years to the day, a mother was murdered, and her body set on fire.

Vera Holland's body was discovered on an illegal flytip between Shinfield and Aborfield in Berkshire but her murderer was never found.

Tonight police are re-issuing an appeal for information.

ITV News Meridian has been speaking to Vera's now grown-up son and daughter about their ongoing heartache. Cary Johnston reports.

Family's plea over Vera's murder twenty years ago

Vera Holland was found murdered 20 years ago between Shinfield and Arborfield Credit: Thames Valley Police

The family of a Berkshire woman found murdered are pleading for information to help find her killer - 20 years to the day her body was found.

Vera Holland was forty seven when her body was discovered between Shinfield and Arborfield.

She had been set on fire.

ITV Meridian spoke to Andrew Bennett, Vera Holland's son.