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Hoegh Osaka report at consultation stage

The Hoegh Osaka was run aground on a sandbank in the Solent last January Credit: ITV Meridian

It's been more than a year since the cargo ship the Hoegh Osaka was deliberately run aground on a sandbank in the Solent and it's been reported that the recovery cost ran into millions.

The Marine Accident Investigation Branch says its report into the incident is at the consultation stage.

The 50 thousand tonne car carrier was stranded for 19 days before it was able to be towed to Southampton Docks.


How does the world's largest car carrier stay afloat?

The world's largest car carrier has arrived in Southampton as part of its maiden voyage.The Hoegh Target can carry 8,500 cars and has a deck space of 71,400 square metres - the size of 10 football pitches. It's owned by the same company of the ship that grounded in Southampton earlier in the year. But how safe is it? Our transport correspondent Mike Pearse reports.


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