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First World War diaries digitised for 'citizen historians'

Hundreds of thousands of pages of diaries from units from the First World War have been digitised and will be available to read online today.

The National Archives is publishing the first batch of unit diaries from France and Flanders as part of the organisations centenary programme.

Around 300,000 pages of First World War unit Credit: Press Association

The organisation is hoping that "citizen historians" will read the diaries to unearth new discoveries about life at war.

Soldiers mark return to the UK

After a six month deployment to Afghanistan 350 Soldiers from 9 Theatre Logistic Regiment marked their return to the UK with an Operational Medal Parade in Malmesbury in Wiltshire.

Soldiers presented with service medals in Malmesbury

9 TLR formed part of the Theatre Logistics Group responsible for providing the deployed British troops with ammunition, body armour, vehicles, weapons, fuel, rations, medical supplies and water.

Soldiers presented with service medals in Malmesbury Credit: MOD

Personnel were presented with operational service medals by the Lord Lieutenant of Wiltshire, Mrs Sarah Troughton and the Mayor of Malmesbury, Mr John Grundy. After the parade the soldiers then marched to Malmesbury Abbey for a church service.


Royal regiment marches through Winchester

Soldiers marching through Winchester Credit: ITV Meridian

The Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment, known as 'The Tigers' are carrying out their Freedom of the City parade through Winchester.

More than 160 soldiers took part in the parade including troops and Band of the Corps of Royal Engineers.

The soldiers started their parade at 12pm and marched from the precinct, then speeches and inspection were made just after midday.

Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment marching though Winchester Credit: ITV Meridian

Soldiers march through Winchester

Soldiers parading through Winchester Credit: ITV Meridian

The Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment, known as 'The Tigers', have been conducting a 'freedom parade' through Winchester today.

The parade arranged by Winchester City Council and the Regiment takes place under a Freedom of the City right.

It is an old privilege to allow certain regiments to parade through the city with 'bayonets fixed, drums beating and colours flying.'

The parade will end with a reception at Guildhall after marching around the King Alfred statue and along the lower High Street.


Injured soldiers sky dive for forces charity

Sapper Jim Wilson takes part in the sky dive

Soldiers who were terribly injured serving in Afghanistan have helped set a new world record here in the Meridian region. They took part in a mass skydive over the skies of Wiltshire to raise funds for the Pilgrim Bandits charity.

The charity which is based in the New Forest supports amputee and wounded servicemen. The six injured soldiers were joined by members of the Army Parachute Association.

They set a new record for the most tandem parachute jumps in one location in 24 hours.

Five injured soldiers took part in the jump Credit: ITV Meridian
Another soldier takes part in the sky dive above Salisbury Plain.

Help for soldiers

Help for soldiers Credit: Press Association

NHS Kent and Medway is investing £150,000 over the next three years in a project to support people who have left or are leaving the armed forces.

There are 130,000 ex-service personnel in Kent and Medway and while evidence suggests they suffer no more mental illness than the general population, they often do not seek help because of the stigma around mental health experienced in the military.

Veterans aged 24 and under are two to three times as likely compared to non-veterans to commit suicide. This age group in particular can find it hard to ask for help when they rejoin civilian life.

Ex-military personnel have higher rates of alcohol misuse than the general population. The Kent and Medway Veterans Needs Assessment found a 16 per cent rate of alcohol misuse among ex-service personnel compared to six per cent in the general population.

Alcohol may be used as a coping strategy for mental health problems, such as depression, anxiety or post-traumatic stress disorder.

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Soldiers in Afghanistan support Mountain Rescue Team with Gangnam Style parody

The Headquarters Squadron of 21 Engineer Regiment have produced a video parody of Psy's Gangnam Style to raise money for a local charity. They are currently deployed on operations in Afghanistan and made the video during periods of downtime.

They produced the video to support the Swaledale Mountain Rescue Team.

Video filmed and produced by British Forces Broadcasting Service in Afghanistan.

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