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£1.3 billion plan to redevelop Sussex cement works site

Ambitious plans have been unveiled to redevelop a derelict cement works on the South Downs in Sussex.

The massive quarry near Shoreham closed twenty-five years ago, but remains a blot on the landscape.

The former cement works site covers a large area of land in Sussex

Now, a group called the 'South Down Project' wants to build more than two-thousand homes and businesses on the site, at a cost of £1. 3 billion pounds. Malcolm Shaw reports.

The interviewees are Neil Laughton, a local businessman; Ed Carr, the Chairman of the South Down Project; and John Richards, a former cement worker.


New scheme to protect sheep from dog attacks

A new scheme is being launched to protect sheep from dog attacks Credit: ITV Meridian

A new National Sheepwatch Scheme is being launched on the South Downs to prevent attacks by dogs on sheep.

It is calling for dog owners to be prosecuted if they allow their pets to go into fields where there is a sign warning of the presence of sheep.

We are told at least 50 sheep have died in dog attacks so far this year.

Funding boost for South Downs bus and rail services

Hampshire County Council and six partner authorities, including the South Downs NPA, have been successful in securing just over £2million from the Department for Transport’s Local Sustainable Transport Fund to promote the use of sustainable travel in the New Forest and South Downs National Parks.

We want to improve the experiences and expectations of people using public and sustainable transport in and around the South Downs National Park. Over the past year this has included launching a new hop-on-hop off Discovery bus ticket, training bus drivers to help visitors find their way round and supporting Community Rail Partnerships to encourage people to take more ownership of their railway stations. This extra year of funding will allow us and our partners to build on these successes.”

– Trevor Beattie, Chief Executive of the South Downs National Park Authority

The additional funding for 2015/16 will deliver a series of new initiatives such as the ‘Share the Road’ and ‘Take the Train’ campaigns, integrated ticketing and WiFi on rural bus services.

This extra funding to encourage more visitors to travel to Hampshire’s unique national parks and leave their cars at home is very welcome. It will mean that visitors from within Hampshire and beyond will have access to good public transport information and options to help them plan their days out to the parks, promoting the local economy while helping to reduce congestion at busy holiday and weekend times.”

– Councillor Seán Woodward, Hampshire County Council


A touching tale of a young man and his dog

It's two years since the South Downs became a National Park, protecting a huge area of countryside. To mark the occasion, there's been a competition to make short films celebrating the landscape and the winners have been announced.

The winning film, about a young boy and his dog walking on The Downs was made by Jason Eade. Malcolm Shaw has been talking to him about the film.