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Southern Water must cut amount it takes from Hampshire river

Credit: Gareth Fuller/PA

Southern Water has been asked to cut the amount of water it takes from a Hampshire river by almost half.

The Environment Agency has published a plan to reduce abstraction from the River Test from 136 to 80 million litres a day.

It's hoped the move will help protect wildlife and restore sustainable abstraction.

Southern Water said it recognised the region was water stressed.

Water back on in Sheppey after 1,000 households left relying on bottled water

Hundreds of homes were left without water on the Isle of Sheppey after a mains burst. More than 1000 housholds were relying on bottled water and 3 schools had to close on Friday.

Water was restored today - but Southern Water says some people may still experience problems as the supply becomes re-established. It comes after long-running repairs were carried out to the Island's water main under the A249 at Bobbing.

Sarah Saunders has the latest.


Water supplies being restored on Isle of Sheppey

Water being restored to thousands of homes in Kent

Free water has been handed out to customers affected on the Isle of Sheppey Credit: ITV Meridian

Southern Water say they have now installed two water mains after a burst water main left thousands of homes on the Isle of Sheppey without water.

The mains run underneath the A249 between Sheerness and Bobbing and water is being pumped back into supply.

The water firm says the work needs to be carried out slowly to avoid any further damage to the pipe and means that some customers will receive their water supply back later than others.

Bottled water is being handed out to customers affected on the Isle of Sheppey Credit: ITV Meridian

"We are sorry for the inconvenience this disruption has caused customers and are working as hard as we can to ensure all supplies are returned as soon as possible. Free bottled water is still available from Morrison's carpark in Queenborough."

– Spokesperson, Southern Water
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