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Spinnaker Tower celebrates 10th anniversary

Today it's a shining and successful icon of the city, but while it was being planned and built the Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth was locked in controversy.

This weekend it'll be10 years since it first opened, five years late and millions of pounds over budget.

Our reporter Richard Jones, who's been following the story since it began back in 1995, has been looking at the tower - past and present.


Charity asks for Spinnaker Tower to go turquoise

The Spinnaker Tower will change colour once again for charity

The Spinnaker Tower by Portsmouth Harbour is the latest landmark in the country to be signed up to support this year's Post Polio Syndrome Day on the 22nd October 2015.

The structure will be decked in turquoise lights for the occasion. It is the fourth time the day has been organised to show support for the 120,000 people in the UK with the debilitating neurological condition.

Other buildings to go turquoise will be Queen Elizabeth Hall in London’s South Bank, the Millennium Bridge in Gateshead, and the tower at Gloucester Cathedral.

“To have so many national monuments supporting us is wonderful and the news that the Spinnaker Tower is joining us too is just the icing on the cake,”

– Ted Hill, MBE, CEO of The British Polio Fellowship

In the past the Spinnaker Tower has turned gold, and even purple to raise awareness for various causes and charities. The lights have also been turned out, in support of Global Earth Hour.

"I am delighted to be able to light for Post Polio Syndrome Awareness Day. We have a fantastic asset in the Emirates Spinnaker Tower and its ability to light different colours as it gives us the incredible opportunity to spread awareness of many worthwhile causes throughout the year."

– Sarah Webb, General Manager, Emirates Spinnaker Tower

Public asked for views after Spinnaker design u-turn

The people of Portsmouth are being asked for their views about what the city's iconic Spinnaker Tower should look like after plans to paint it in the red and white colours of arch rivals Southampton were dropped.

It follows an online petition, signed by almost ten thousand people.

Council leader Donna Jones announced a review of the plan which, in her words, will better reflect the city's own football team, the Royal Navy and local heritage. Emma Wilkinson reports:


Petition against repainting Portsmouth's Spinnaker Tower gains momentum

Petition against repainting Spinnaker Tower gains momentum Credit: ITV News Meridian

A petition against repainting Portsmouth's Spinnaker Tower red and white as part of a sponsorship deal now has more than five-thousand signatures.

The petition was started by a Pompey football fan who's unhappy that the tower will be painted in the colours of rival club Southampton. The council says the deal with Emirates will raise more than three and a half million pounds.

Portsmouth Spinnaker Tower to turn colour of arch rivals Southampton

This is how the red and white tower will look Credit: Emirates

Fans of Portsmouth Football Club will be pig sick after it was announced that the city's Spinnaker Tower is being turned red and white - the colour of arch rivals Southampton!

It's one of the most recognisable landmarks in the South and will be now be sponsored by Emirates.

An artist's impression of The Spinnaker Tower that will now be red and white Credit: ITV Meridian

At a press conference a short time ago it was revealed that the colour change was part of the rebrand.

They handed over naming rights to the airline company from Dubai this morning.

The rebranding of the tower is set to be in place by July.

But it's likley to get a frosty reception from Portsmouth fans, whose team plays in blue and white

How the tower looks at the moment Credit: PA
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