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The young people who are affected by strokes

Make May Purple is the Stroke Association's annual stroke awareness month. A stoke occurs when blood supply to part of the brain is cut off.

By the age of 75 one in six men and one in five women will have a stroke. Smoking, high blood pressure and being overweight increase your risk.

But young people can have strokes too. Kerry Swain has been speaking to survivors in their teens and twenties.

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Teenager fights back after suffering stroke

Every three and a half minutes someone, somewhere will suffer a stroke. But when eighteen year old Ben Gray began to feel unwell, he could never have imagined that he was about to suffer one.

Despite his young age, the teenager from Lee-on-The Solent was left paralysed and unable to speak after a blood clot travelled to his brain. Now almost a year on he's slowly beginning to get his life back on track as Richard Slee reports.