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Russian submarine, armed with missiles, escorted off Kent coast

A ship expert from Dover managed to photograph a Russian Submarine just off the Kent Coast. Nigel Scutt got close enough to take pictures of the sub that's armed with missiles and torpedoes. It was being escorted through the channel by the Royal Navy. Fred spoke to Nigel.

Students compete in human-powered submarine race

The submarine race sees nearly 100 students go head-to-head underwater Credit: eISR

Students are used to competing against other universities but today will see a different kind of race - with students furiously pedalling in submarines along the sea bed.

It's all part of an international submarine race in Gosport in what is Europe's biggest covered water freshwater space.

Students from universities around the world will battle to win this unique engineering and sporting event - where pilots in SCUBA gear pedal in a huge tank the size of a football pitch.

Competing teams have come from Canada, Germany, Netherlands, New Zealand, USA as well as Bath, Plymouth and Warwick.


Restored historic submarine 'as good as new'

As good as new - the verdict today of veterans who once served on an historic submarine which is being restored. Work on the exterior of HMS Alliance - Britain's only remaining world war two era boat - has just been completed.

Richard Jones reports from the Royal Navy Submarine Museum at Gosport and speaks to veteran Mike Draper, Chris Munns, Director of the Royal Navy Submarine Museum and curator Bob Mealings.

U-Boat washed ashore on Hastings beach

The U-Boat washed up on Hastings beach in 1919 Credit: ITV Meridian

Historians have been remembering an extraordinary incident more than 100 years ago in which a German U-Boat was washed up on the beach in Hastings. The submarine had been surrendered to the Allies on this day in 1919 but was washed ashore during bad weather.

Hundreds came out to see it but authorities gave the order for it to be broken up. We'll have much more on this story over the course of the day.

An extraordinary aerial view of the U-Boat on Hastings beach Credit: ITV Meridian