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The woman who took her husband to a suicide clinic

The wife of a multiple sclerosis sufferer who battled with the condition for 25 years has told of the heart-breaking decision to take him to a suicide clinic in Switzerland.

Sandra Barclay, from Kent, said she knew she was breaking the law but she had "no choice" but to do it for her husband of 42 years Andrew.

She told ITV News Meridian: "He couldn't walk. He lost his sight in his left eye. He had very small amounts of in his right eye.

"It also affected his bowel and bladder and that was the part he couldn't - he hated, really hated.

"Then when he lost the independence of not being able to drive, he knew he didn't want to go on any longer."

Sandra is now campaigning for people to have the right to die in Britain. Credit: ITV News Meridian

Andrew could have lived for up to another 10 years but did not want to end his days in pain.

In an interview before he died, he said: "It is very difficult to be happy, and unless one can be happy and have quality of life, what is the point?"

Revealing her last moments with her husband, Sandra said she didn't say goodbye - but Cheerio, which is what she always used to say to him.

"I told him I loved him, then he just went off to sleep.

"It was very, very sad that it had come to that but I knew that was what he wanted and it was the right thing to do."

Andrew gave an interview with Sandra before he died. Credit: ITV News Meridian

Sandra is now campaigning for people to have the right to die in the UK.

She said: "Why should someone have to travel all that way, and pay all that money.

"They could sit in their own home with their family around them and it could be done here."

MS is an incurable neurological condition which affects around 100,000 people in the UK.

It can affect people differently but symptoms include fatigue, vision problems or difficulties with walking.

  • For support and more information call the MS Society helpline on 0808 800 8000.
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Plea from father of autistic girl

A father from Kent says his wife killed herself after the strain of looking after their autistic daughter became too much when they didn't get the help they wanted from social services.

Daniel Barnett's wife Carol had a history of depression and alcohol problems but, he says, the authorities should have done more for their daughter.

He wants Kent County Council to send her to a specialist residential school to help her develop - the council says she's better off at home. David Johns has the story.