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  1. Tom Savvides

Five thousand patients told their GP surgery is closing

Five thousand patients at a doctors surgery have been told the centre is to close. The Folkestone East Family Practice has told ITV Meridian it has no choice as it's struggling to recruit new GPs. The move has angered patients who say all the other local surgeries are full. Tom Savvides has this report.


  1. Tom Savvides

Doctors say patient care could suffer after a massive rise in charges

Doctors surgeries hit my massive increases in service charges say they could be forced to sack staff as a result. They warn that patient care could be affected as a result. It comes after the NHS re-calculated the amount of money GPs have to pay for buildings they rent from the Health Service. Some have received bills with increases of up to 1,000%. Tom Savvides reports from the Faversham Medical Practice in Kent, where GPs are refusing to pay the extra costs.

Pioneering surgery helps boy walk for first time

A four year old boy from Berkshire has taken his first steps after pioneering surgery in America which doctors, here, said would not help. Zakk Burks from Ascot was born with severe brain damage and was later diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Before his operation - his legs were completely straight and he was in a lot of pain. Hospitals here refused to fund the surgery as they thought his condition was too severe. But his parents refused to give up on him and raised the sixty thousand pounds needed to pay for it in America.

Surgeons "make new knee cartilage" to help arthritis

Surgeons have created a new knee operation which could prevent the development of arthritis.

The procedure, which is being trialled in Southampton, includes coating damaged cartilage with stem cells.

The video, courtesy of University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust, talks through how the operation works with surgeon Mr Gorav Datta.