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Lawyers go head to head to argue the case for the Magna Carta

Legal eagles gather for the Magna Carta "moot" in Sutton Valence Credit: Thelma Pitt

Kent Law Society has been celebrating the 800th anniversary of the sealing of Magna Carta, widely regarded as one of the most important documents in the world. The law society held a debating competition at Sutton Valence School, to decide if the Magna Carta is still relevant today. Attending the event were His Honour Judge Jeremy Carey, High Sheriff William Alexander and Mayor of Maidstone Daniel Moriarty. Lawyers had to use their most persuasive skills to argue their case. In the end, Judge Carey concluded that the Magna Carta should be upheld.

It's all downhill in Sutton Valence for the annual pram race

That baby looks rather large Credit: ITV Meridian

The annual pram race took place in the historic village of Sutton Valence in Kent on New Year's Day. Each team had to complete 2 laps of the loop road in the village, with a hair raising ride down a steep hill. During the race they also had to down pints of ale at each of the 3 pubs. The event's held every year to raise money for charity. Here's a snapshot of the day.

No need for a toilet stop then
Thank goodness we didn't wear heels
Tired but happy go-kart jockeys
Aladdin and his team take the trophy


Power outage affects homes and businesses

More than 1,000 customers were left without electricity for just over half an hour this morning.

UK Power Networks said engineers were working as quickly as possible to restore power supplies to customers in Sutton Valence.

More than 100 customers in the Maidstone Road area are still affected.

The power went down just before 8.15am after a fault on the high-voltage electricity distribution network which originally affected 1,148 customers. All but 118 customers had supplies again at 8.50am.

We appreciate how difficult it can be to lose power and would like to apologise for the inconvenience caused by this incident."

– UK Power Networks

"Singing mums have the wow factor"

The Head Teacher of a school near Maidstone has praised a group of singing mums for their efforts in raising money for breast cancer.

The "Mumma Mia" choir was formed at Sutton Valence Prep School around a year ago. Inspired by two of their members who have breast cancer, the mums are now holding a special concert to raise money for Breast Cancer Care. They're hoping it will be a sell out.


"Singing has changed my life"

Mum Julie Avery talks about why singing in a school choir with other mums has helped her deal with breast cancer. Last year she joined the choir called "Mumma Mia" and, like many of its members, she was bitten by the singing bug.

Now, the group has decided to raise money for Breast Cancer Care in her honour. They'll be putting on a concert at Sutton Valence Prep School on the first of July.

Mumma Mia! Top marks for parents' school choir

"Mumma Mia" in rehearsal Credit: ITV News Meridian

A group of mums from a Maidstone school have turned the tables on their children by forming their own choir. The women, who call themselves "Mumma Mia", are based at Sutton Valence Preparatory School.

Choir founder Sarah Geering says she's surprised at how quickly the choir, and its popularity, has grown. It all started with children being rather embarrassed at the thought of their 'tone deaf Mums' actually trying to sing. But then the choir went from strength to strength.

"What emerged was a feet tapping, arm swaying choir and some rather surprised kids. The majority of the "Mumma Mia" members claim they can't sing and originally came along for bit of fun but soon found choir practice to be the highlight of their week. Many say it's improved their self confidence."

Since then, the choir's gone from strength to strength and the group's been playing to packed audiences. Inspired by two of their members, who are recovering from breast cancer, Mumma Mia is now raising money for Breast Cancer Care with a special show on the first of July at the school at 7pm.

Eight mums also took part in the Pink Ribbon Walk at Leeds Castle Credit: Sarah Geering