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Paramount pulls out of new theme park in Kent

A major theme park planned for Kent has been dealt a major blow. Paramount was set to be involved in the new tourist attraction on the Swanscombe Peninsula. Now the film giant has announced it will no longer be taking part in the project. Tom Savvides talks to Andy Martin from the developers London Resort Company Holdings and Paul Spooner from Ebbsfleet Development Corporation.

Massive theme park scheme faces more delays

It's going to be one of the country's biggest theme parks but the opening of a massive film and entertainment complex has, once again, been delayed.

A planning application for Paramount Park on the Swanscombe Peninsula in Kent will now be submitted next year. If approved, the attraction will not open until 2021, two years later than originally planned.

If the park is built, an industrial estate in Northfleet will be bulldozed. Those who run companies there have formed a group to put pressure on the developers to compensate them and help with re-location.

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Paramount Park in standoff with locals

If the £2bn Paramount theme park is built on the Swanscombe Peninsula, the Northfleet industrial estate will be bulldozed.

Those who run companies have formed a group to put pressure on the developers to compensate them and help with re-location.

Kirk Dugard and Lisa Brookshaw spoke to ITV Meridian:

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Paramount theme park plans go on display

It's a two-billion pound plan to transform a neglected part of Kent into an entertainment complex the size of Disneyland Paris.

Now, updated plans for the Paramount theme park at Swanscombe are to go on public display for a fortnight to hear what local people think.

David Johns has been to see them, speaking to project developer Fenlon Dunphy.

Plans for resort as big as Disneyland Paris go public

Video. Ambitious plans to create a new resort in Kent, costing £2 billion and generating thousands of jobs have gone public.

Paramount Park, which is as big as Disneyland Paris, would be built on the Swanscombe Peninsula between Gravesend and Dartford.

The site has been chosen by the scheme's Kuwaiti backers because of its closeness to London and the High Speed international station at Ebbsfleet.

Andrea Thomas spoke to the public who went to see the plans as well as Fenlon Dunphy, director at London Paramount Project.


Cars vandalised in Swanscombe

Kent Police are appealing for information after cars were damaged Credit: Kent Police

Several cars in Swanscombe, Kent, have been vandalised by a corrosive liquid, causing thousands of pounds of damage.

A black Peugeot 206 parked in Trebble Road was targeted on 10th August overnight.

The owner came out of the house to see the paintwork had bubbled after substance had been poured over it.

A blue Audi Q5 on the same road was also damaged, with bubbled paintwork and a line melted through the spoiler of the vehicle. The car's damage is estimated at more than £4,000.

Half a mile away, a silver Vauxhall Corsa had liquid poured over it the previous night.

The suspect also poured sugar into the petrol tank, destroying it. The damage is estimated at £1,000-£2,000.

Investigating officer, PC Danea Charleston of Kent Police, said: 'Causing this sort of damage is malicious and mean-spirited, and has cost these owners thousands of pounds in repair.

Hollywood comes to Kent

A business consortium has unveiled plans to create a two billion pound Hollywood-style theme park in Kent.

Building and running the Paramount Pictures entertainment complex, featuring cinemas, theatres, hotels, live music venues and Europe's biggest water park would create 27 thousand jobs.

The resort, rivalling Disneyland Paris, would be constructed at a vast former chalk pit on the Swanscombe Peninsula between Dartford and Gravesend - close to Ebbsfleet International railway station.

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