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Thanet District Council prosecuted for not protecting staff

Thanet District Council could be facing a big fine, after admitting some if its maintenance staff were injured at work.

Vibration whitefinger was a common condition among miners in Kent Credit: ITV Meridian

They developed "vibration whitefinger", which used to be a common condition among miners in Kent who used pneumatic diggers and drills.

The Health and Safety Executive has prosecuted Thanet for failing to protect its staff properly.


Manston Airport won't be reopened 'any time soon'

The future of the former airport site is uncertain

Is it the end for hopes of reopening Manston Airport? Last night, councillors from Thanet District Council - elected earlier this year on a promise to get planes flying again, admitted that any reopening of the airport was not going to happen any time soon.

Specifically, a Compulsory Purchase Order, or plans to use a compulsory purchase of the airfield, were scrapped. The same councillors told us today, that they had not abandoned their vision - but were exploring new options.

Meanwhile, 18 months after the place was mothballed, airport developers say the council's wasting time and money. Derek Johnson has our report.

The interviewees are: Cllr Chris Wells, Leader, Thanet District Council, UKIP; Niall Lawlor from RiverOak Investments; Ray Mallon, spokesman for Stone Hill Park owners Trevor Cartner and Chris Musgrave.

Investment firm spokesman: "Our clear ambition is to reopen Manston Airport, and start making money"

Manston Airport closed in 2014 - campaigners have fought to see it reopened

The investment firm that had been in negotiations with Thanet District Council over a Compulsory Purchase Order of the Manston Airport site, has expressed its disappointment that the plan has been shelved.

Last night councillors from Thanet District Council met. They said they had postponed plans to buy and reopen the former airport in Kent. They added that the decision followed legal advice that their proposals were not financially sound.

Niall Lawlor from RiverOak Investment Corp. said the firm is going to carry on pushing for the project to go ahead.

Meanwhile the current owners of the airport say they will press ahead with plans for a housing and business development.

Council drops plans to buy & re-open Manston Airport

Manston Airport was closed down last year

Thanet District Council has postponed plans to buy and re-open the former Manston Airport site in Kent.

Councillors met last night having had legal advice that their proposals were not financially sound. But executives from RiverOak, a US investment corporation which backs the reopening of the airport, say they're determined to carry on with their plans.

Farage congratulates UKIP on Thanet District Council win

Nigel Farage congratulates UKIP in the local elections

He may have lost his bid to become an MP, and even resigned as UKIP leader yesterday because of it - but Nigel Farage had time today to hail more successful UKIP colleagues. More than thirty of them have been elected as councillors for Thanet District Council in Kent.


UKIP has won most of the wards in Thanet District Council's election

Twenty-nine UKIP councillors have been voted in so far during the Thanet District Council local elections.

The party itself put out a message on social media - congratulating its councillors for being part of the UK's first UKIP-controlled local authority.

Thanet in Kent is where where Nigel Farage, the former UKIP leader, stood as a candidate for the Thanet South constituency in the General Election. He stepped down as party leader on Friday after failing to win.

American firm steps in to help save Manston Airport

Airport closed in May 2014 Credit: PA

It's been reported that American investment firm RiverOak has offered to help Thanet Council buy Manston Airport in Kent.

The offer is believed to have come to light in a letter from the CEO, offering the council support for a possible compulsory purchase order of the site. The airport closed in May with the loss of 150 jobs.

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