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Thousands of headstones to be tested for safety

Credit: ITV Meridian

Around 100,000 headstones in graveyards across Thanet are to be tested for safety in the next five years.

Those that fail will be banded to a wooden post to stop them falling and causing further damage.

Thanet Council say they will carry out the works sympathetically.

Before any testing takes place notices will be displayed in the relevant cemetery and notices placed in the local paper advising of the date and duration of the testing in each area.

For more information and advice, contact the cemeteries and crematorium office or visit the website.


Interviews with Thanet South & Thanet North candidates ahead of constituency results

Craig Mackinlay, Con. Thanet South candidate

Roger Gale, Con. Thanet North candidate

There were one or two things in the manifesto that were ill presented''

– Roger Gale, Con, Thanet North candidate
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