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Marine technology company explains what may have caused ship to run aground

SRT Marine Technology is one the companies using state of the art technology to help establish what caused the ship to run aground. Here they explain what could have happened.


'Unthinkable' economic disaster avoided, say experts

Had the 51-tonne Heogh Osaka fully capsized in the Solent shipping channel, it would have effectively blockaded the Port of Southampton and had a disastrous economic impact.

That is what experts said today, after the pilot of the cargo ship was praised for deliberately running it aground.

ITV Meridian reporter Rachel Hepworth has been looking at what could easily have been a much bigger catastrophe:

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Salvage crews hope to refloat 51-tonne cargo ship

Salvage crews have managed to board a cargo ship stranded on the Solent after it was deliberately ran aground.

It's hoped they will be able to refloat the ship, which was packed full of luxury cars, including Jaguars, Land Rovers and Minis, when it developed problems on Sunday.

The angle at which the vessel is listing - currently 52 degrees - will determine how simple the recovery operation will be.

Bramble Bank is a well-known hazard to shipping, and an unlikely venue for sport!

Despite being well documented and clearly marked on charts it has claimed some notable casualties over the years, including the Queen Elizabeth 2. But when low tides allow, it's also a venue for an unusual cricket match. Malcolm Shaw spoke to Mark Tomson of the Royal Southern Yacht Club.

Stricken container ship contained construction equipment

A spokesman for JCB said it has 105 pieces of construction equipment on the carrier, including 50-tonne and 33-tonne tracked excavators.

"There are 105 JCB machines on board the grounded cargo ship which were destined for dealers in the Middle East. We are awaiting further information from the shipping carrier about the current status of the machines and any plans they may have for retrieval."

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