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Residents urged to take extra care after appliance fires

There has been a spate of tumble dryer fires across the country Credit: ITV

Householders are being urged to take extra care when using tumble dryers after crews were called to deal with a blaze involving a household appliance in Banbury. The homeowners had to evacuate the property as firefighters removed the dryer and put out the fire. There has been a spate of blazes involving appliances across the country in recent months.

House goes 'up in smoke' after tumble dryer fire

It can happen in minutes, with fatal results. Fires caused by faulty tumble driers are still happening across the South, despite a manufacturers' pledge to fix problem machines.

In the past year, there have been major incidents in Hampshire, Dorset and at Guildford in Surrey. Now, fire services are issuing new warnings and advice - as Cary Johnston reports.


Advice to prevent tumble dryer fires

There has been a spate of tumble dryer fires across Oxfordshire Credit: Chelsea Garnham

Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service is issuing new advice, following a spate of tumble dryers fires across the country. People are being urged to register their appliances, regularly clean out the fluff, and make sure the vent is always uncovered.

Viewers buy new tumble dryer for pensioners, worried about fire risk

Pensioner Peggy Collis thought she was going to have to wait two months before anyone came to look at her tumble dryer. She was worried that it might be a fire risk. Generous viewers came to the rescue. As Sally Simmonds reports, Peggy and her husband, who live in Hampshire, are absolutely thrilled.


Tumble dryer causes fire in pub

Oxfordshire County Council Fire and Rescue Service were called to a fire at a public house in Ramsden near Witney at 10.07 am this morning.

Four fire engines attended the fire and on arrival crews were faced with smoke issuing from the roof of the grade 2 listed building. Fire crews wearing breathing apparatus entered the building with a hose reel to tackle the fire.

The crews discovered that the fire involved a tumble dryer in a first floor room which had caused heavy smoke logging throughout the property. The crews quickly extinguished the fire and prevented it from spreading to the remainder of the premises.

"The landlord controlled the initial development of the fire, however it quickly became apparent that the fire could not be extinguished so the building was evacuated and the fire service called. The swift attendance and subsequent fire fighting actions of the fire service led to the damage being confined to the 1st floor of the public house.”

– Incident Commander, Station Manager Guy Dunkley

Oxfordshire County Council Fire and Rescue Service advise that if you discover a fire within your property the best course of action is to get out, stay out and call the fire service out.

Tumble dryer fire in Kent

A man has been given oxygen therapy by fire crews this morning after fire broke out in a tumble dryer.

Fire crews were called to Regent Street in Whitstable home at 10.51am after the fire broke out

On arrival they found that the man had gone back into his smoke filled home to look for his pet dog.

Two fire engines from Whitstable were on the scene within minutes and found the man coming back out of his home, suffering from the effects of breathing in smoke.

After initially being treated by fire crews, he was assessed by paramedics.

Firefighters in breathing apparatus removed a tumble dryer from the property before ventilating it using a positive pressure ventilation fan.