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University gets £3.5m for heart disease research

Three quarters of people who suffer heart attacks now survive as research and healthcare continues to improve.

But new figures from the British Heart Foundation show although deaths are decreasing - heart failure remains the UK's single biggest killer.

Now, the charity has announced it's providing the University of Reading with state-of-the-art equipment to help progress research, as Mel Bloor reports.


Trish Rump, heart attack victim

Simon Gillespie, British Heart Foundation Chief Executive

Dr Sam Boateng, heart disease researcher


  1. Kate Bunkall

Keen job hunters attend fair

It's being described as the biggest blow to retail since the collapse of Woolworths. Tonight hundreds of people from our region who work for the electrical chain Comet are waiting to hear their fate - after the company announced it's the latest high street firm to go into administration.

The news comes on the day that thousands of youngsters attended a jobs fair at Reading University, trying to get a foot in the door with local firms. But as Kate Bunkall reports - there is a lot of competition.


Sir John Madejski reappointed as Reading's Chancellor

Sir John Madejski reappointed as a university Chancellor Credit: University of Reading

Sir John Madejski has been reappointed as the Chancellor of the University of Reading. The Chairman of Reading Football Club was first installed in the role in 2007.

The President of the Council of the University of Reading, Christopher Fisher, said:

“In his first five years as Chancellor, Sir John has been an energetic ambassador for the University, helping celebrate the successes of our students and our staff and representing the University at high profile events, including welcoming Her Majesty the Queen to the University this summer.

"On behalf of the University Council, I am delighted that he will be reaffirming his strong association with the University and look forward to his continuing help in ensuring we maintain and, indeed, enhance the excellent profile of the institution locally, in the UK and around the globe. ”

Sir John Madejski said he was 'delighted' to be reappointed:

“I take great pride in the world-wide impact of the research and the excellence of the teaching at the University as well as the significant contribution that the University, its students & staff make to the economic and social well-being of the communities in Reading and the wider Thames Valley.”

Research finds prescription errors

Researchers at the University of Reading found 1 in 550 prescriptions contained a serious error. Credit: ITV Meridian

One in twenty GP prescriptions contains an error according to a major new study by the University of Reading. Among the most common mistakes was missing information on dosage. Researchers found one in every 550 prescriptions contained a serious error which could cause severe harm.

Researchers looking at a sample of GP practices in England found that where there were errors, most were classed as mild or moderate, but around 1 in every 550 prescription items was judged to contain a serious error.

The most common errors were missing information on dosage, prescribing an incorrect dosage, and failing to ensure that patients got necessary monitoring through blood tests.

The research, commissioned by the General Medical Council, is the largest-scale study of its kind. It recommends a greater role for pharmacists in supporting GPs, better use of computer systems and extra emphasis on prescribing in GP training.

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