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Sailing into Southampton, the last fleet of VW campers

The last ever fleet of VW Kombi camper vans to be imported to the UK have arrived in Southampton.

They were shipped in from Brazil, after the factory is to close down.

Their last voyage; the VW campers have come all the way from Brazil Credit: Carswell Gould

The 99 vans were unloaded at the port of Southampton before being taken to Bristol, where they will be turned into right hand drive cars with luxurious interiors.

All of the vans are unpainted shells so they can be painted in various colours.

Lined up VW Campers at the port in Southampton Credit: Carswell Gould
All the vans are unpainted shells, ready to be painted into various colours Credit: Carswell Gould

VW called time on the production of the iconic car due to the designs not meeting safety standards.