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Prayers for the Manchester Arena bomb victims

Candles have been lit at Winchester Cathedral

A short service has been held at Winchester Cathedral to pay tribute to the victims of the bombing at the Manchester Arena. Prayers have also been said for the survivors and the emergency services personnel who helped in the aftermath.

Candles have been lit and a special area of remembrance has been set up with flowers, a map of Manchester and coloured stones representing all the lives which have been lost.

The Very Reverend Catherine Ogle, Dean of Winchester Cathedral, told us why they decided to hold the ceremony.


New roof will 'weather-proof' Christmas ice rink

Credit: Winchester Cathedral

Winchester Cathedral has revealed plans to put a cover on its annual Christmas ice rink.

Seeing the choristers skate across the ice has become an annual winter feature. However in recent years both hot and wet weather have led to things not going to plan. The transparent roof will be there in time for this year's Christmas market and ice rink opening on 18th November.

The roof will cover the rink and extend over the walkways enabling us to offer skaters and spectators a rain-free session. We've gone for a clear roof so the rink's unique location is celebrated by the stunning Cathedral backdrop. The sides of the rink will remain fully open so the festive sights, sounds and smells of the Christmas Market that surround the rink can be enjoyed by everyone.

The new roof will give people, particularly schools, groups and families, the confidence to book in advance. To support this we have created a range of pre-bookable food and drink packages to complete the skating experience."

– Phillip Holroyd Smith, Event organiser

Campaigner scales Winchester Cathedral

A campaigner climbed onto a roof at Winchester Cathedral in the early hours of this morning.

He was protesting about the circumstances surrounding the death of Haydn Burton, who died at Winchester Prison earlier this year.

Mr Burton was a member of the splinter group New Fathers 4 Justice and campaigned for children's and parents' rights.

The protestor took up his position on the roof before dawn this morning and police were trying to talk him down.

Project to lift scaffold onto cathedral roof delayed

An operation to lift 27 tons of scaffolding onto the roof of Winchester Cathedral for repairs to be carried out has been delayed. After months of planning and preparation it was decided this morning that more weight was actually needed as ballast on the gigantic crane that's being used. It's hoped the delicate operation to raise seven huge sections of framework onto the top of the East End of the cathedral will go ahead tomorrow instead.

The framework scaffolding is in seven sections and weighs 27 tons Credit: ITV Meridian
Crowds that gathered to watch the spectacle were left disappointed Credit: ITV Meridian

Winchester Cathedral architect Nick Cox explains why the operation had to be cancelled today.


Could royal bones lie in Winchester Cathedral?

A discovery in Winchester Cathedral could provide clues to the birth of our nation.

The chests are being analysed after its thought the bones of early royal families of England and three bishops could be inside.

Experts from the University of Oxford and Bristol are working to record and analyse the chests' contents and find out what they could uncover about the nation's history.

he Chests are thought to contain the mortal remains of some of the early Royal Families of Wessex and of England Credit: Winchester Cathedral

This is an exciting moment for the Cathedral when we seem poised to discover that history has indeed safeguarded the mortal remains of some of the early Saxon Kings who became the first monarchs of a united England.

Winchester holds the secrets of the birth of the English nation and it does seem that some of those secrets are about to be revealed as future research continues.

The presence of the bones in the Cathedral, where they would have been placed near the High Altar and the relics of St Swithun, remind us just how significant the inspiration of the Christian faith was for the foundation of our national life.”

– The Dean of Winchester, The Very Revd James Atwell
Winchester Cathedral has clues to the birth of our nation Credit: Winchester Cathedral
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